Play All Year

Kids in Chicago have new places to play year-round since three synthetic AstroPlay® fields were installed at several parks in the city. These fields are playable come rain or shine. Fibrillated polyethylene fibers provide a grass-like appearance and reduce abrasions to a "grass" level. AstroPlay® is ideal for multipurpose use such as soccer, football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse and any other game played on grass. It has a low initial cost, is easy to maintain and backed by one of the industry's most dependable warranty packages.

Southwest Recreational Industries, Inc.: 800-233-5714

On Good Footing

Sure-Foot Decorative Finish provides a low-cost traffic topping for both new and old concrete, asphalt, tile and terrazzo. Cooler than concrete, the surface is skid-resistant and effective for use on outdoor areas such as pool decks, playing courts, skateboard parks, waterparks and walkways. Modify the finished texture to meet your facility needs or apply the finish through stencils to simulate tile, stone, brick, granite, slate and cobblestones. Choose from 26 standard colors or customize to match your color scheme. Sure-Foot meets health and safety standards; it's environmentally friendly and can be walked on within hours of application.

Environmental Coating Systems, Inc.: 800-ALL-DECK

Hit a Homer

You won't strike out with No Fault Saf Dek that offers comfort and safety as your first-round draft picks for your outdoor sports surface project. No Fault is one of the industry standards and is a national champ for safety. It has also been an MVP for more than 17 years. No Fault surfaces consistently perform at high levels, while maintaining the appearance of a champion. When your project requires a team that is committed to quality, safety and ingenuity, you can rely on pros at No Fault.

No Fault Sport Group: 866-NF-SPORT

Pour it On

Artificial turf sport and recreational surfaces can be installed using Nordot® Outdoor Adhesive. After pouring from a five-gallon pail, the adhesive is spread with a squeegee so it bonds when the artificial turf is unfolded onto it. Nordot® Adhesives are used worldwide for the installation of artificial turf on athletic fields, as well as playground safety surfacing, urethane/crumb rubber rolled goods for running tracks, carpet-type tennis courts, synthetic turf putting greens and landscaping surfaces.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Permanent Markers

You can save money, time, maintenance hassles and bad calls with PermaLine, a patented inlaid synthetic grass line for natural grass athletic fields by PermaLine Sports Inc. Ground crews can easily install the grass line and can mow the field and lines as usual. PermaLine has an expected life span of 10 to 15 years and is patented in the United States, pending in Canada, Europe and Australia. A five-year warranty covers premature wear as well as UV degradation. With payback periods for baseball foul lines, including machinery averaging less than one year, PermaLine helps redefine athletic field lining.

PermaLine Sports, Inc.: 514-369-3432

Down the Drain

Zeager's Duradrain provides effective vertical and horizontal drainage. A foam drain panel for playground surfaces, Duradrain also adds three feet of fall protection, which means you won't need as much surfacing. Less surfacing can also mean less excavating. Installation of these lightweight panels is simple and can be done without power equipment. With Duradrain, your Woodcarpet playground surface lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Zeager Bros., Inc.: 800-346-8524

Extra Playground Protection

For heavy-use areas, FibarMat Wear® Mats provide extra protection beyond the overall protection of a Fibar System Engineered Wood Fiber safety surface. FibarMats are all-weather, flexible rubber mats that are effective under swings, at slide exits and at the base of sliding poles where wood fiber tends to get kicked away. The mats have a beveled edge on all four sides and meet CPSC safety guidelines and ADA-proposed regulations. They also help cut down on playground surface maintenance, making them an economical investment.

Fibar Systems: 800-342-2721

Tops for Benches

Enkamat PlusTM is a new bench tarp material available exclusively from Covermaster Inc. It has been used successfully by Ross Kurcab, turf manager of the Denver Broncos who says he would recommend the tarp because it protects grass and is softer for the players and easy to deploy. The tarp consists of strong and durable Enkamat bonded to tough polyester geotextile.

Covermaster, Inc.: 800-387-5808