Take a Concrete Seat

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of concrete site furnishings. The Morrison Bench, for example, is a one-piece construction available in 4-, 5- and 6-foot lengths. The finish pictured here is a light sandblast with special color pigment. Other products include litter receptacles, recycling receptacles, cigarette snuffers and banks, benches, table sets, planters, and bollards. Benches and litter receptacles also come made with recycled-plastic lumber. Custom-made products are available, and finishes include exposed aggregate and sandblast. Special aggregates and colors are available, as are factory-direct discounts.

Doty & Sons Concrete Products: 800-233-3907

Bridge Systems

The Prestek color brochure features a number of bridge applications where Prestek has been installed. They include pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicular spans. As one of the lightest structural systems available on the market, Prestek allows bridge installation in remote and ecologically sensitive areas. It's an effective system for use in wetland and marine-type environments because the fiberglass components do not rot or corrode and require no maintenance.

E.T. Techtonics, Inc.: 800-854-0957

Get a Lift

Spectrum Aquatics® now offers the new Swim-Lift® model Elkhorn. The Elkhorn is one of the strongest economical lifts available on the market. It is constructed of heavy-wall stainless steel and is designed to support a 400-pound load capacity. Spectrum is one of the industry's leading manufacturers of assisted access lifts and deck equipment for use in commercial swimming pool and spa applications. It is also one of the only manufacturers to offer stamped/certified engineering drawings and calculations to support its weight capacity claim and installation within seismic zone 4 areas.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-776-5309

Slim Choice

The RunaboutTM, Genie's self-propelled aerial work platform, features a narrow 29.5-inch width and 53-inch length, permitting it to go through single doorways and most passenger elevators. The low 19-inch entry height lets operators enter the platform easily. The unit can be driven through doorways with operator on board. Standard nonmarking tires and low unit weight allow use on sensitive flooring. The same field-proven mast system used on Genie's AWP Super SeriesTM provides a high level of performance, durability and serviceability. An optional extension deck provides nearly two feet of horizontal outreach and a larger working area.

Genie Industries: 800-536-1800

Go Away, Geese

GooseBuster is one of the first and only units to use alert and alarm calls of Canada geese recorded in the wild. Geese recognize the calls and respond instinctively. The alert call signifies nervousness or concern about potential danger, while alarm indicates immediate danger requiring instant evacuation without bothering to identify the source. Calls differ in frequency, duration and intervals. Sound combinations, sequences and speaker selection change randomly, causing geese to perceive multiple birds in motion in several locations. Cover up to 21 acres with two units or up to seven acres with one. Choose from AC or DC models.

Bird-X, Inc.: 800-662-5021

Backstop Bounty

Porter Athletic Company's upright and extension is fabricated from 6-inch square structural steel tubing with 1/4-inch-thick walls. The official size (3-feet-6-by-6-feet) perforated backboard is 11-gauge steel with a massive rear support framework. The goal is made of a double 5/8-inch-diameter solid rim and unique continuous net attachment system. It comes with a heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel net and mounting hardware. The backboard is screened with official perimeter and target area markings. Applications include park districts, schools, community centers, playgrounds and anywhere a high-quality outdoor backstop is needed to stand up to aggressive play and playing conditions.

Porter Athletic Equipment Company: 800-947-6783

Double-Duty Machine

Hoist Fitness Systems offers its first strength-training machine that uses Composite MotionTM technology, the CF-2355 Leg Press. Composite MotionTM is a patented drive system that creates a new category for strength-training products. It combines two separate movements into one machine, allowing the body to flow through a natural multiplane motion. The user begins exercising on the machine by pressing the foot plate forward, engaging the drive system and causing the user support to move simultaneously with the foot plate. The user's entire body is moving in unison, creating a smooth and natural feel that conventional machines can't achieve.

Hoist Fitness: 800-548-5438

Tables for Tots

The Adventure Table by SPI Industries brings something new to the everyday playground. Suitable for children ages 2 to 10, the large play table contains a miniature adventure landscape designed for finger toys or sand and rocks and twigs found in a playground. Feature elements include a mountain terrain, skate park activities, Aztec pyramid complete with bridge, oval racetrack, mountain bike trail and great sand table. This low-cost, one-piece product is made from polyethylene and is ready to ship and easy to install.

SPI Industries Inc.: 800-269-6533