Show Those Fangs

The Snow Wolf Pro Series snow plow has a floating blade that allows operators to put the vehicle weight onto the blade to increase the scraping ability to clean compacted snow and ice. The chain typically used to lift floating blades has been replaced on this plow with a solid steel link and an industrial compression spring. The solid link and spring help prevent the plow from raising over center and contacting the operator's cab when adding snow onto a pile. When needed, the operator can apply down pressure on the blade to scrape the surface by compressing the spring.

Snow Wolf: 800-905-2265

Rugged Rotaries

Progressive Turf Equipment offers pull-behind rotary finishing mowers that range in size from 10 feet to 36 feet in cutting width. For general grounds care, and golf and sod production, the mowers are used around the world wherever grass grows. The straight-forward, thoughtful design makes the mowers easy to service while requiring little repair. Every model has the same rugged construction and dependability, while maintaining a competitive price. With these mowers you get an exceptional finished-cut appearance.

Progressive Turf Equipment: 800-668-8873

Apply Your Pull

The high-quality sandsifting and debris retrieval by self-propelled Cherrington Model 5000 Beachcleaner/Sandsifter and the compact Cherrington Model 3000 Beachcleaner is now available in an economical pull-type machine powered by your tractor. The Cherrington Model 4000PT incorporates the sifting technology based on oscillating sifting screens and an overhead conveyor, which has made Cherrington equipment some of the best sandsifting equipment available. Like the self-propelled versions, the Model 4000PT efficiently separates out trash, cigarette butts, seaweed and debris and whisks it to a hydraulically controlled hopper while putting the cleaned, loosened sand back on the beach.

Cherrington Beachcleaners: 800-437-9779

aFar Out Fountains

Otterbine Barebo, Inc. adds three new spray patterns to its aerating fountain line: the Comet, Galaxy and Saturn. Features and options available on all patterns include interchangeable patterns among the eight offered, some of the highest independently tested and published pumping and oxygen transfer rates in the industry, minimum operating depth of less than 30 inches, 1-horsepower to 5-horsepower units available in both one and three phase, and all-inclusive five-year warranty. As with all of Otterbine's units, the complete package is ETL, ETL-C and CE-tested and approved and available in either a 60-hz or 50-hz configuration.

Otterbine Barebo, Inc.: 800-237-8837

Top Dresser Category

Turfco's SP-1530 is a light, tow-type broadcase top dresser designed with adjustable flow control over spinner, conveyer and spinner angle to provide turf professionals fast, consistent application. A three-position switch enables operators to control conveyor belts and spinners independently for precise application rate. The unit features a self-contained hydraulic system for belt and spinner operation. Other time-saving elements include twin spinners that spread materials in a pattern from 15 to 30 feet per pass. Because the application rate can be adjusted from 1/8-inch levels to 1/64-inch, top dressing can be applied without needing to drag in the material.

Turfco Manufacturing, Inc.: 800-679-8201

Rake Tight Spots

The Harley Tractor Power Box RakesĀ® delivers dependable, accurate raking ability to any size area. The rakes measure 60, 72 and 80 inches. Mounted on a tractor of 18- to 75-horsepower, they offer superior maneuverability in site preparation. The units attach easily to tractors with a three-point hookup and a quick hydraulic coupler. They simulate the action of a box scraper by dropping heavy-gauge plates at each end of the roller to trap and gather stones and debris for piling and pickup. Its bi-angular construction permits windrowing to either the right or left, speeding up the job of site preparation.

Glenmac Inc.: 800-437-9779

Reel Them In

The Hannay GH1100 portable hose reel is lightweight and rugged enough to sustain the toughest working conditions. Effective in a variety of applications that require transport of garden hose, for washdown and spraying. The reel features a steel handlebar, a one-piece foot and heavy-duty rubber-tired wheels. The handlebar is detachable for easy transportation and storage. A camlock brake device brakes the reel, and payout and rewind are made easy with lifetime bearings and adjustable tension control.

Hannay Reels: 877-GO-REELS

Aerator Attachment

Walker Manufacturing offers the PerfaeratorTM, the first aerator attachment designed for the Walker Mower by Walker. In conjunction with Rock Solid, manufacturer of the PlugrTM Turf Aerator, the PerfaeratorTM design delivers a 41-1/2-inch path and uses the same PlugrTM camshaft design for driving tines 2-1/2 inches deep into soil with no added weight needed. The PTO-driven tines engage and disengage easily to skip over sprinkler heads and sidewalks without slowing down. The 12-tine set is also easily raised with a lever and locked in a secure transport position. Operators enjoy ease-of-use and high productivity of about 70,000-square-feet per hour.

Walker Manufacturing Company: 800-279-8537