Take it Inside

AFP Soft Touch®, maker of Soft Touch® and Stay Down® progres- sive release bases, offers the Stay Down® Indoor Base, specially designed for indoor play. The all-polyurethane base uses four vinyl suction cups to securely adhere to smooth, seamless surfaces. It is designed for play on wood, tile or rubber (soft) surfaces. Unlike other bases, cuts won't permanently damage this product.

AFP Soft Touch: 866-544-2077

In the Fold

Al-u-liteTM Lightweight Folding Banquet Tables are some of the most lightweight and most durable folding tables in the industry. Whatever your table needs may be, the Al-u-liteTM tables outperform many other tables in every situation. Because of their all-aluminum construction, they are heat- and fire-resistant as well as rust- and dent-proof. They won't melt or warp under extreme weather conditions, which makes them effective for indoor or outdoor use. Because the tables are so lightweight, setup and takedown are easily handled by one person. Southern Aluminum products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408

Pick a Color

Choosing the right Gerflor Sports Flooring product is easier with The Sport Kit, which includes samples of every color available in each of Gerflor's Taraflex permanent and temporary sports flooring product lines. Mix and match colors in thousands of combinations to see exactly what your basketball, volleyball or handball court, gymnasium, or multipurpose room will look like. The puzzle-like kit includes surrounding area shapes of 8-1/4-inch-by-6-inch in different colors and textures that can be filled with one of three available playing area shapes including basketball and handball inserts. Go one step further and order a scale model of your planned facility.

Gerflor Sports Flooring: 800-727-7505

Get a Leg Up

Hoist Fitness Systems offers the CF-2355 Leg Press, the first strength-training machine to use Composite MotionTM technology. This patented, innovative drive system creates a new category of strength-training products by combining two separate movements into one machine, allowing the body to flow through its natural multiplane motion. The CF-2355 Leg Press has a low-profile, compact design, allowing for comfortable entry and exit and convenient plate-loading. The head and shoulder pads easily adjust from the reclined position to accommodate any size user. As with all Hoist products, high-quality construction enables this machine to provide consistent service in even the highest-use facilities.

Hoist Fitness Systems: 800-548-5438

Surf Safely

Leisure Activities offers challenging and fun Surf's Up and Pro Surf Challenge for teens and older. Users test their surfing skills by climbing on the ball and looking out for falls, slips and slides. Soft vinyl rubber all around means lots of safe fun for everyone.

Leisure Activities: 800-265-0829

Sound Carries

The new Xtreme 6000 from Anchor Audio is flexible enough to support up to six UHF wireless microphones. It delivers full-range music and intelligible speech from one self-contained portable sound system that is designed for users with no technical expertise. The unit is effective for speeches in auditoriums, sports announcements in gyms, instructions to marching bands on athletic fields and plays in small theaters. The 16-channel UHF wireless comes at the same price as the single-channel VHF. Because the UHF is selectable, a simple flip of a dial on the microphone and receiver eliminates interference from local broadcasting sources.

Anchor Audio: 888-444-6077

Basix Training

Body Masters Sports Industries, Inc. offers the BasixTM, a 12-piece line of equipment built for a diverse user group at an affordable price. The machines cover the 12 core exercises of strength-training: leg extension, prone leg curl, leg press, abdominal curl, back extension, lat pulldown, seated rowing, vertical chest press, pec deck, shoulder press, bicep curl and tricep extension. Several features assist users of all fitness levels to achieve a quick and easy workout. All adjustments are color-accented, belt-driven weight stacks are side-mounted, each movement is biomechanically correct with a light starting point, and entry and exit is easy.

Body Masters Sports Industries, Inc.: 800-325-8964

Off-Road Utility

The 2003 off-road, automotive style utility vehicles from Metro Motors Corporation include the Metro MicroTrukTM and Metro MicroVanTM. The series features sleek styling, allowing for maximum operator comfort, while maintaining size requirements for a variety of applications. Standard new features include power steering, tinted glass, 1,300cc 16-valve SOHC emissions-compliant engine, and for added safety, three-point ELR seatbelts and door side-impact beams. A special paint process, along with galvanized-steel bed construction provides high rust-resistance. The interiors offer ample storage area and optional AM/FM stereo cassette radio and air-conditioning. Other options are alloy wheels and trailer hitch.

Metro Motors Corporation: 407-343-0256