Quiet Ride

FreeMotion FitnessTM offers the 9600 Recumbent Bike, the latest addition to the NordicTrack® Commercial Cardio line. The sleek, user-friendly console design is available in both Workout TVTM and basic models with a variety of pre-programmed workouts. The 9600's electromagnetic resistance mechanism is highly durable and whisper-quiet. The ergonomic seat design allows users of all body types to choose the exact seat placement by simply lifting a single latch while sitting on the machine.

FreeMotion Fitness: 877-363-8449

Row for Fitness

The WaterRower combines the tranquility of moving water, the warmth of wood and the rhythm of rowing. Rowing is a perfect aerobic exercise because it's no-impact, rhythmic and uses the whole body. Besides burning calories and toning the body, the WaterRower also evokes the psychological pleasure of rowing. The patented WaterFlywheel emulates the physical benefits of rowing on water, so legs, torso and upper body glide in unison for a self-paced, uniform workout. Its smooth action fatigues the muscles via the level of aerobic work being done.

WaterRower: 800-852-2210

Two Moves in One

Hoist Fitness Systems now offers the CF-2355 Leg Press, its first strength-training machine to use Composite MotionTM technology. Composite Mo-tionTM is a patented, innovative drive system that combines two separate movements into one machine, allowing the body to flow through its natural multi-plane motion. The machine has a low-profile, compact design, allowing for comfortable user entry and exit and convenient plate loading. Head and shoulder pads adjust easily from the reclined position to accommodate any size user. The dynamic resistance produced by Composite MotionTM creates a correct strength curve, while its unique movement characteristics virtually eliminate risk of injury.

Hoist Fitness Systems: 800-548-5438

Running Machine

The new Precor C966 Low Impact Treadmill is designed for elite running programs and facilities. It operates at 0.5 mph to 15 mph at inclines ranging from -3 degrees to 15 degrees and has 21 course options. Ground Effects® and Integrated FootplantTM technology deliver a responsive feel, while displays indicate pace, personal profile and segment. Comprehensive diagnostics, efficient roller/ drive and a self-lubricated bed/belt reduce maintenance. Pulse Width Modulation reduces current demands, increasing the life of the 4-horsepower motor. Touch-heart provides accurate readings and SmartRate® displays rate in relation to ideal training zone. The C966 is compatible with workout and entertainment technology.

Precor Inc.: 425-486-9292

Beginning to End

Strive Smart Strength equipment is some of the most effective strength equipment available. Strive Enterprises offers variable-variable resistance and manufactures 21 single-station selectorized machines and 13 plate-loaded machines. The company's 1-2-3 routine sequentially targets the middle, the end and the beginning of a movement, which stimulates more muscle fibers per body part, enabling a much more complete workout-in about two minutes. The Diverging Lat Pulldown and Diverging Seated Row are the latest units to be added to Strive's selectorized line, which now offers seat adjustment powered by free-float technology for easy, one-handed operations.

Strive Enterprises: 800-368-6448

Safe Weights

The Smith machine is one of the safest free-weight machines available. It comes with two safety locking devices: the safety locking hook attached to the 1500-pound test lifetime-warranty Olympic bar and the swivel stops on each side of the machine that can be manually turned to stop the downward travel of the bar at a specific level. The machine offers safe free-weight squat exercising and a flat/incline/decline adjustable bench for safe seated shoulder press, incline bench press, flat bench press and decline bench press. A state-of-the-art linear bearing travel guide system and counter-balanced weight system are standard.

Promaxima Manufacturing: 800-231-6652

Ultimate Indoor Cycle

The ultimate Indoor Cycle, the Tomahawk is designed and manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials, with an unsurpassed 10-year frame guarantee, two-year parts and one-year labor. The #1 selling indoor cycle and training program in Europe with the highest customer-service ranking. Available in four standard colors.

Cytech USA: 941-596-8861

Make it Fit

SCIFIT has helped advance upper-body cardiovascular workouts with its PRO1000 upper-body exerciser. Now SCIFIT has added an upper-body feature to its already popular elliptical machine. The SXT7000 Total Body Elliptical offers a full-size elliptical in the space of a recumbent bike. SCIFIT produces a full line of high-quality ellipticals as well as high-performance treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes, upper-body and all-body rotary exercisers, and climbers. It also offers a new upper-body exerciser with tilt-head feature, the PRO1.

SCIFIT Systems, Inc.: 800-278-3933