Rubber Options

RB Rubber Products offers premium 100-percent rubber matting and surfacing in sheets, rolls and interlocking panels. The mats provide complete, anti-fatigue protection for people and equipment in both high- and low-traffic areas. The matting is effective for weight rooms, cardio decks, spike protection and entranceways. This easy-to-clean surface comes in standard colors of solid black or with flecks of pearl, red, blue and green. Other products include 12-inch-by-12-inch interlocking aerobic tiles and drain-through shower tiles in several vibrant colors. Rubber weight plates for free-weight equipment are also available. All products are made in the United States.

RB Rubber Products, Inc.: 800-525-5530

On a Roll

Gymstep is a two-layer, foam-back PVC rollout flooring system that is effective for basketball and multipurpose athletic activities. Superior ball bounce, easy installation and easy maintenance make Gymstep an inexpensive alternative to wood flooring. Gymstep can be installed directly on your concrete, tile or existing wood floor temporarily, semi-permanently or permanently. It can also be line-painted and heat-welded to create a seamless floor. Gymstep is 6 feet, 6 inches wide and 1/4-inch thick and can be up to 39 feet long. Guaranteed up to seven years against wear and acid- and food stain-resistant, the floor is available in gray and tan.

Aeson Flooring Systems: 800-523-0960

Level Thinking

Crossfield Products offers Dex-O-Tex Cheminert VP, a new jointless flooring system that self-levels for an attractive, uniform surface. Both breathable and vapor-permeable, Cheminert VP is also micro porous, enabling it to be applied over "green concrete," or on concrete that emits Moisture Vapor Transmission levels of up to 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet in 24 hours. The moisture vapor permeability is up to 30 times greater than typical 100-percent solids epoxy systems and offers the same physical characteristics. The two components are mixed at the jobsite. An array of Dex-O-Tex topcoats can be applied for a glossy finish.

Crossfield Products Corp.: 310-886-9100

Store Your Covers

CoverSports USA offers a new mini storage rack designed to store floor coverings where space is limited. The Mini-Rack, which holds 5-foot-wide cover sections, is effective for gym area floors measuring less than 55 feet wide by 100 feet long. Although the new rack measures only 34 inches wide, 6-feet-6-inches high and 6-feet-6-inches long, it can hold up to 12 sections of floor covering, and the 5-feet sections are easier to deploy and retract.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Vinyl Protection

Protect-All® Specialty Flooring and Protect-All® Gloss, manufactured in the United States by Oscoda Plastics, Inc., are made from 100-percent-recycled vinyls. These durable, cost-effective, 1/4-inch-thick flooring products can be used as a gym floor complete with game lines; flooring for fitness rooms, weight rooms, locker rooms, shower rooms, ice rink perimeters; or as temporary gym floor covers to protect your wood floor from damage. Both products are available in six colors, four surface patterns, two sheet sizes and either interlocking or square tiles. Protect-All® Gloss has a factory-applied urethane wear layer.

Oscoda Plastics, Inc.: 989-739-6900

Speckled Rolls

Everlast® Performance Flooring, manufactured by Dodge-Regupol, is one of the industry's leading recycled rubber speckled roll good product available. Effective for sports and fitness applications, Everlast® outperforms many other surfacing materials where durability and resiliency are key factors. Features include one of the largest range of color choices in the industry, custom color and logo capability, spike-and blade-resistance, easy installation and maintenance, quick-ship options, and a three-year warranty.

Dodge-Regupol: 717-295-3400

Your School Colors

Pawling's Hid-N-Lok II premium virgin rubber cut-resistant hidden interlock tiles are available in popular decorator colors, including the seven new school colors. The hammered surface on each tile features random, rounded indentations that reflect light and create the appearance of a light sheen. The effect is a pleasing, high-end aesthetic. In addition to the safety and durability of the proprietary rubber compound, the hammered surface allows tracked-in dirt to be more readily floated off the surface during routine mopping or maintenance.

Pawling Corporation: 800-431-3456

Join the Club

Robbins' newest Club System combines the beauty and strength of the 2-1/4-inch Continuous Strip® XL strip maple with the new Mach ITM CS biomechanically designed subfloor. The high-style monolithic appearance of the 3-1/4-inch XL plus strip maple offers a more uniform and hygienic fitness surface. The Mach I CS also provides great shock absorption and ball bounce for athletic and fitness users. Robbins also has a complete line of synthetic surfaces including Pulasitc, Galaxy and Freeweight, as well as Fusion® Systems, which combines Robbins' maple wood and synthetic for a multi-use recreation or fitness facility.

Robbins, Inc.: 513-871-8988