Work of Rock

SolidRock Wall Systems now makes a line of NaturalRockTM Boulders. Available in three different sizes, they are a fun and attractive addition to any outdoor setting. Molded from real rock and cast in solid high-pressure concrete, these works of art are made to last. They have all-natural features to climb on and come in five different rock colors with graffiti coating. You can substitute an existing jungle gym with a boulder garden from SolidRock.

SolidRock Wall Systems: 888-355-6566

Team Efforts

Alpine Towers International provides a wide range of climbing walls, towers and team-development courses. The Alpine Tower creates an effective setting for fostering team building, improving communication and developing self-esteem. The design is available in high- and low-challenge course elements, accommodating eight to 26 participants. The 50 vertical climbing feet offers more than 30 routes up.

Alpine Towers International: 800-706-0064

Climb Through Water

Innovative Rock Climbing offers one of the world's first waterfall climbing wall, the Hydrophobia, making its debut at the IAAPA Show in November and making waves on the amusement park scene as a hot, new attraction. A 25-foot-high waterfall greets climbers with more than 600 gallons of rushing water, giving thrill-seekers an exhilarating experience. Climbers face the towering, cascading waterfall while wearing a safety harness and cable that gives a sense of realistic mountain climbing, but allows Hydrophobia to be safe enough for almost any age user. Climbers can conquer the waterfall one by one or race a friend.

Innovative Rock Climbing: 407-370-0715

Creative Climbs

The Eldorado Wall Company offers superior rock climbing walls and provides complete solutions with equipment, in-depth training and continued support with every wall. The high-performance texture system can be designed into nearly any facility. With it, Eldorado can create archways, caves, cracks, dihedrals, aretes, overhangs and bouldering areas for an exciting and challenging environment.

Eldorado Wall Company: 303-447-0512

Sport Climbing Wall

The MGV system is a dynamically reconfigurable Sport Climbing Wall system allowing virtually unlimited climbing challenges. Panel designs feature artistic, sculpted forms inspired by the world's best sport climbers. The combination of panel and structure design blend perfectly with today's light-filled multiuse sports facilities. The MGV system takes climbing to a higher sporting level.

Pyramide USA: 703-431-4342

Smaller Walls

Nicros-EasyWallTM is designed for projects limited by both space and budget. Installation is as simple as bolting to an existing wall or framework, and at two inches thick, they take up next to no space. The panels are easily cut and drilled, so custom installations are simple. The realistic rock look is achieved from molds of actual rock—such as Nicros' A.R.T.WallTM product—but the cost is much lower than many other rock-like climbing walls.

Nicros: 651-778-1975


Extreme Engineering, designer and manufacturer of mobile climbing walls and stationary systems, has its own patented Belay in the Box auto-belay systems. All walls come with a full one-year warranty and a limited lifetime on the panel system. Extreme Engineering offers various types of climbing wall systems designed specifically for the fitness market. Stationary systems are available that can be placed in a small footprint while still offering the maximum surface area you can get on a climbing wall.

Extreme Engineering: 530-887-1056

Camp Climbs

Cornerstone Designs has created a climbing tower based on proven success in a camp environment. The multi-faced climbing tower enables simultaneous climbing on two of its outside faces, internal climbing with ladders and nets, and a tandem zip line off the top platform. Cornerstone also offers ropes courses, bouldering walls and low- element courses.

Cornerstone Designs: 800-706-0064