Court Time

The European-designed Flex CourtTM Suspended Court Surface by Swiss Flex® withstands heavy, regular use over the long term with built-in flexion. The surface allows for play of more than 12 different sports including basketball, tennis, volleyball, paddle tennis, PickleballTM, badminton, roller hockey and soccer. Choose from many available colors and court components. A 3/4-inch shock-absorbing suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and provides better ball rebound and exceptional game performance. The Flex CourtTM surface is low maintenance, with only a leaf blower necessary. Rain quickly drains through, meaning no more sweeping or sponging. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Swiss Flex NA Inc.: 800-847-4404

Talking Trash

The Broyhill RefuseMate® is a versatile utility vehicle with a specialized refuse collection container. It is effective for cleanup around parks, campgrounds, athletic facilities and many off-road areas. The RefuseMate® is a dedicated attachment to the TerraSport®, Broyhill's automatic (CVT) transmission, 16-horsepower vehicle. The RefuseMate® features a tough, watertight, 14-gauge steel box with fully welded seams. Emptying the 2-cubic-yard capacity box is easy with a 2gpm, 12-volt hydraulic pump, heavy-duty, two-stage hydraulic dump cylinder and electric control lift system.

Broyhill Company: 800-228-1003

Water Rescue

WSITM Water Rescue Backboard is a 100-percent X-Ray translucent backboard designed specifically for water rescue. Its unique state-of-the-art design and 16 handholds allow for easy placement of patients to the backboard during a rescue. A tapered end allows for flexibility in transport. With a one-piece seamless form, the backboard has reinforced head immobilizer openings to ensure security and help prevent resistance. It has a 450-pound capacity and is available in red, blue, orange, yellow, green and white.

Water Safety International, Inc.: 800-852-0284

Plaster Pool Protection

The water in your swimming pool will satisfy its pH (acid) demand by continuously attacking your pool's plaster finish. Also, bare plaster will sacrificially raise your pH to alkaline levels and, thus, reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine. This increases the demand for chlorine and raises your chemical operating costs. Sau-Sea Plaster Sealer can stop your bare plaster from being "eaten" by pool water. It also stops plaster damage from moisture "freeze-thaw" cycles and provides an insulation barrier of protection. Sau-Sea Plaster Sealer is an acid-proof, stain- and moisture-resistant product that guarantees you will never have to replaster your pool.

Sau-Sea: 800-4-SAUSEA (728-732)

Children's Fitness Equipment

Fit Youth Systems Inc. specializes in programs, services and fitness equipment for children from 8 to 16 years old. Its one-of-a-kind resistance equipment offers 13 single stations and a multi-station along with cardio equipment. The comprehensive programs feature the Fee Fit Program, which includes a 130-page manual and business plan, consultation, on-site training, marketing strategies and marketing tools.

Fit Youth Systems Inc.: 281-242-4140