Washroom Wow

Bobrick's DuraLine Series Toilet Partitions feature durable, ultra-hard surfaces; stout construction; heavy-duty institutional hardware; and moisture-, impact-, corrosion-, gouge- and scratch-resistant surfaces. They are effective for recreational facility washrooms and provide long-lasting defense against heavy use, abuse, vandalism and graffiti. They also help reduce your cost of replacement and maintenance.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.: 800-553-1600

It's a Lock

Penco Products manufactures a full range of lockers that are well suited to the recreation industry. VanguardTM lockers are the most economical and come in the widest range of styles, many of which are available for quick shipment. GuardianTM lockers and the heavier gauge InvincibleTM II athletic lockers are popular in health clubs and have recessed stainless-steel handles as standard. All styles are available in 21 decorator colors and offer options such as slope tops, locks and plastic bottoms for wet areas. New products include the open-front StadiumTM locker, X-OffTM Anti-Graffiti paint, plastic bottoms and electronic SmartLockerTM.

Penco Products, Inc.: 610-666-0500

Time for a Change

Koala Corporation produces some of the world's most-used baby-changing stations and family convenience products. Today parents in more than 60 countries recognize the Koala brand and trust it to assist in the care of their children. By specifying Koala products, you provide clients with the industry original and one of today's leaders, and you create a superior family-friendly environment. Koala is already one of the most often specified brands in the industry. Its high-quality construction consists of high-density polyethylene and full-length, reinforced steel-on-steel hinges. Properly installed products comply with the highest ADA regulations.

KoalaPlay Group: 303-539-8356

Solid Surface

Swanstone is an authentic solid surface, with color and texture that runs all the way through and doesn't wear away. Being a solid surface material, Swanstone is resistant to cracking and crazing, a common problem with glazed products. Unlike materials such as natural granite, marble, laminates and cultured marble, Swanstone can be cleared of minor scratches by using abrasive pads and cleaners or fine grit sandpaper, which returns Swanstone to its original luster. Swanstone is an effective product for commercial applications because of its toughness, durability and natural beauty.

The Swan Corporation: 800-325-7008

Locker Redesign

Bradley's newly re-designed LenoxTM lockers save time on installation and minimize maintenance requirements. Designed by one of the originators of plastic lockers, Lenox lockers stand up to the harshest environments and damage, reducing maintenance repairs and costs. The lockers feature new construction, hinges, latching mechanisms, handles and slope tops.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY

Wood Looks Good

Legacy Lockers is a state-of-the-art wood locker manufacturer with one goal in mind: to build the highest quality product while putting the needs of customers first. With more than 65 years of manufacturing experience in the woodworking industry, Legacy Lockers has the knowledge to build quality products that provide years of dependable use. Legacy Lockers provides top-notch customer service, guaranteed quality and superior value. A wide variety of standard products include lockers, vanity stations, towel stations and benches, as well as custom designs.

Legacy Lockers: 866-937-1088

Feet-Friendly Surface

NataDekTM Recreational Floor Surface is designed specifically for use in any recreational, wet or leisure environment. This feet-friendly surface now comes in new nature-inspired multi-tone patterns, excellent for locker rooms and pool decks. NataDekTM is abrasion-resistant and watertight to ensure a long life. ASTM-certified to be slip-resistant, the surface may be installed over practically any other surface.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

No Water Needed

Since 1991, Waterless Co. LLC has offered urinals that work completely without water or flush valves. The fixture's dry surfaces improve hygiene and eliminate odors, and each urinal saves approximately 45,000 gallons of water/sewer per year. High-traffic facilities profit most from savings on maintenance and upkeep. Facility managers appreciate the easy maintenance and reduced urinal problems. The No-FlushTM urinals install to existing 2-inch waste lines. They are suitable for both retrofit and new construction and effective in all commercial, industrial and institutional high-traffic installations. You'll see payback in usually under three years. The urinals are ADA-compliant and LEED applicable.

Waterless Co. LLC: 888-NOFLUSH