The Problem: We want a wall-mount basketball structure, but we're concerned about measuring for accurate installation.

The Solution: Bison telescoping wall-mount basketball structures have a wall-to-backboard extension range that can be adjusted from 1 foot to 12 feet at installation, eliminating time-consuming measurements and costly field modifications. Complete packages are available for immediate delivery, so you won't have to wait for a custom-built structure. Choose from a stationary, side-fold or swing-up system with rectangular glass or fan-shaped steel backboards with backboard, goal and padding. A height-adjustment system can also be specified with a package, allowing goal height adjustments from 10 feet to 8 feet.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Problem: Our locker rooms are getting damaged by pool water.

Solution: Pool water ruins your locker room one swimmer at a time. Wet, dripping swimsuits harm your facilities by rusting metal lockers, delaminating wood finishes, and ruining carpets and furniture with mold and mildew. Suitmate, the Swimsuit Water Extractor, puts a spin on this damaging situation. In less than 10 seconds, a wet suit becomes drip-free. Suitmate's high-speed spin process works without heat and is safe on all fabrics.

Extractor Corporation: 800-553-3353

Problem: We need an attraction that parents and children can enjoy together but that also appeals to teenagers.

Solution: Water Wars fits both categories. It's hugely popular with families who can all play together and have a blast launching water balloons back and forth, while teenagers enjoy the extreme feel of blasting each other from opposing battle stations. Durable, safe and low-maintenance, Water Wars makes a great addition to any fun park or aquatic center. Choose from three different sizes to fit your facility.

Water Wars: 800-950-1132

Problem: We are looking for an affordable outdoor scoreboard that is visible, versatile and easily transported.

Solution: All American Scoreboards offers a new outdoor portable scoreboard featuring 7.75-inch-high contrast electronic digits, wireless control and rechargeable batteries. The slimline unit is only 33 inches high, 38 inches wide and 2 inches in depth, and weighs only 28 pounds. The rechargeable battery runs for more than 25 hours and recharges in just 45 minutes.

All American Scoreboards: 800-356-8146

Problem: We're having a multi-event festival and need bleachers that can accommodate everything.

Solution: When you are hosting a festival that requires spectator seating for a variety of events such as air shows, balloon races, volleyball exhibitions, steamboat races and parades, Century's TranSport Mobile Bleachers make it possible. They allow fast bleacher relocation, while saving thousands of dollars in overtime. A built-in hydraulic system folds them for towing, and one person can set them up in just 10 minutes.

Century Industries: 812-246-3371

Problem: We want our playground to look unique to our community.

Solution: Custom Graphics by Playworld Systems® is an easy way to customize any playground. Design your own image, or use your school name, team mascot or community emblem, and display it on post tops, arches, canopy roofs, banners, panels and decks. You can also choose from thousands of standard designs; there's no limit to your creative expression. Playworld Systems® can help you honor a sponsor, reflect a theme or celebrate your community.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Problem: We need to resurface our pool, but we're not sure where to start.

Solution: The Fibre Tech Pool Preserver® process is proven throughout the world as one of the most trusted coatings for today's pool renovation needs. The coatings are uniquely designed for any situation that demands a seamless, waterproof barrier that permanently adheres to concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, asphalt and other structurally sound surfaces. Fibre Tech can also help reduce the cost of your pool maintenance, so you can benefit right away from you newly refinished pool.

Fibre Tech Inc.: 800-393-7283

Problem: Droughts and water rationing are destroying our field.

Solution: Install a low-maintenance synthetic turf such as AstroPlay® or NeXturf® from SRI Sports. These advanced synthetics have many benefits over natural grass. They offer a consistent surface regardless of weather and provide extra shock absorption, excellent traction, and a grass-like feel and ball response. Meanwhile, they require almost no water or upkeep. So play is consistent, and athletes are safer, while you dramatically lower your water bills and maintenance fees.

SRI Sports: 800-233-5714