Problem: We need a commercial-grade, waterfront/pool activity that is safe, fun and can stimulate additional revenue, something that will absolutely "wow" my guests and bring new life to my facility.

Solution: New, innovative and inflatable, the Iceberg combines the excitement, thrill and challenge of rock climbing with the refreshing fun and exhilaration of a waterslide. The Iceberg is available in 8-foot and 14-foot-high models. Participants climb their way up one of three sides to the peak then experience an exhilarating ride back into the water, down the soft, smooth slide on the back of the Iceberg. Constructed with puncture-resistant, commercial-grade vinyl and heat-welded seams, the Iceberg is sure to add the Wow Factor you are looking for.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Problem: Our busy recreation area needs a cost-efficient, minimal-maintenance restroom.

Solution: The pat-ented BMS WRS Vault Evaporator(tm) restroom by Biological Mediation Systems is an innovative waste-disposal alternative that avoids the drawbacks of both standard vault and composting toilets. Its unique mechanical ventilation controls odors and substantially reduces waste volume and costs associated with pumping frequency. The building, provided by BMS, is a prefabricated custom structure.

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc.: 800-524-1097

Problem: Our attendance has been down, so we want to create new traffic and reasons for guests to visit.

Solution: AquaPlay(tm) by Whitewater West Industries Ltd. are colorful themed water play structures designed specifically to offer the widest range of water activities possible. Highly visual and extremely entertaining, AquaPlay(tm) is designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials available. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and models to suit your facility size and budget. AquaPlay(tm) also comes in several theme options including Pirates of the Caribbean and the RainFortress.

Whitewater West Industries Ltd.: 604-273-1068

Problem: The mats in our weight room are hard to handle—not to mention quite smelly.

Solution: Vulcan mats from Summit are only 45 pounds each and interlock on all four edges for a virtually seamless floor. Each tile is 40 inches square and is made from all natural, odorless rubber, not smelly recycled tires. They are reversible too for extended wear life and less difficult to handle than the traditional 100-pound, 4-feet-by-6-feet sheets. Multipurpose uses increase value.

Summit Flexible Products: 888-FOR-MATS