Problem: We need to deter unwanted traffic and protect perimeters with reliable barriers.

Solution: Secure your property while enhancing the appearance at the same time. Durable, reinforced concrete planters by Petersen Manufacturing provide the necessary protection when strategically placed around buildings, parking garages and lots. Weighing more than 3,000 pounds empty, they offer maximum security. Exposed aggregate and light sandblasted finishes are available in a variety of colors. Additional features include anti-graffiti coatings and forklift slots in planters for easy transportation.

Petersen Manufacturing Company, Inc.: 800-832-7383

Problem: We have booked a major-name musical act, but we don't have the appropriate outdoor performance space.

Solution: EnWood Structures' new band shelter, the Charleston, can provide the space and enhance the look of your park setting. Its graceful roof design uses laminated beams and purlins of Southern yellow pine and gently blends to your environment. Strong on aesthetics as well as acoustics, the Charleston's natural acoustical quality of wood means you get quality sounds even in an outdoor atmosphere. Spacious and versatile, the Charleston comes in eight standard sizes.

EnWood Structures: 800-777-8648

Problem: When we lose power because of bad weather, visitors are forced to exit a dark facility.

Solution: Install Musson's Glo-Strip stair treads, which are photoluminescent, mean-ing they glow in the dark. A 2-inch-wide white grit-strip made with nontoxic, nonradioactive zinc-sulfide crystals absorbs and stores light, then releases this light energy over a period of time. The Glo-Strip luminescence can be seen after lights stop working, which helps lead the way to safety. You can recharge them by exposing them to light for just a few minutes. Individual Glo-Strips are available for other surfaces to help light other areas.

Musson Rubber Co.: 800-321-2381

Problem: Sand and debris are clogging our drinking fountain from draining properly.

Solution: The new Model 810 Series from Most Dependable Fountains, Inc., is a trough fountain that drains internally. It is specifically designed so that excess water drains through the stainless-steel trough and down the inside of the fountain into a porous gravel fill line or floor drain. This prevents the drain from clogging. There is no bowl, no strainer and no drain line to stop up. Built with a removable faceplate for easy access, this drinking fountain is especially effective for sand and beach areas and offers a common-sense solution to your clogging problems.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331

Problem: Inclement weather means our outdoor pool only allows for limited use.

Solution: You can make your facility a premier fitness center for health and relaxation by enclosing your pool with an Atria pool enclosure for year-round swimming. Swimming has long been associated with outstanding exercise and therapeutic benefits, and you can attract more members with a year-round aquatics program. Swimming pools and spas provide vigorous workouts or a relaxing area for your members.

CCSI International, Inc.: 800-537-8231

Problem: Our playground surface is outdated and inadequate, but we aren't ready to replace our equipment.

Solution: Bounce Back Playground Safety Surfacing can be installed on new or existing playground surfaces and help bring your area into ADA compliance. These porous, rubber tiles drain water quickly, so kids can swiftly get back to playing after it rains or continue during rain. They are long lasting, easy to install and can freshen up the appearance of existing areas. A wide variety of fall height compliances and colors are available.

RB Rubber Products, Inc.: 800-525-5530

Problem: We need to reduce our cost of lining and marking for our baseball fields but still increase visibility.

Solution: One-time installation PermaLine is a permanent synthetic grass field-marking system for natural grass fields. With an expected life span of 10 to 15 years, PermaLine should pay for itself within two to three years. PermaLine allows for regular mowing and field maintenance, while increasing visibility and field aesthetics, decreasing bad calls, and substantially lowering maintenance costs.

PermaLine Sports Inc.: 866-546-3787

Problem: Our softball players are colliding into each other at first base.

Solution: The Double First Base by AFP Soft Touch® provides fielders and runners their own bases, reducing collisions at first. AFP uses Stay Down® Convertible ground anchors to fit existing 1-inch stakes or 1-1/2-inch sleeves. This model is available with 12-inch spike mounting to adapt to any field. The doubles also come in sets with the Double First, Second Base and Third Base. Bases are also available in the Soft Touch® Double, which eliminates the need to change any anchor system on your playing field. Made of durable, cut-resistant polyurethane, the bases come with a one-year warranty.

AFP Soft Touch: 866-544-2077