Problem: We just got a brand-new gym floor and want to protect it.

Solution: Gym floor covers and a CovermateTM handling system from Covermaster can protect your new floor. They can even be delivered on a tight schedule.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Problem: Skateboarders are ruining our benches.

Solution: Wausau Tile helps control the damage created by skateboarders and inline skaters by integrating a stainless-steel edging to their benches. Since 1953, Wausau Tile has been providing excellent products in the precast concrete industry.

Wausau Tile: 800-388-8728

Problem: Our outdated wading pool needs replacing.

Solution: The Vortex Splashpad® is a fully automated, interactive play area that is helping to redefine the term "aquatic play." By looking at the world of play from a child's perspective, Vortex can design aquatic play structures that stimulate and challenge children of all abilities. Design flexibility allows you to select colors and features according to your specific needs. With significantly lower operating costs than a wading pool, a zero-depth Splashpad is a safe and cost-effective alternative.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 866-889-4899

Problem: Our kitchen labor costs continue to rise.

Solution: With a Nieco Automatic Broiler in your kitchen, you can help reduce your kitchen labor by freeing up your skilled staff to perform additional tasks besides watching the grill. The broiler also takes the guesswork out of cooking your food. Simply set the machine and place the products on the chain, and they come out flame-broiled to perfection, automatically every time.

Nieco Corporation: 707-284-7100

Problem: Our budget doesn't allow for hardwood for our aerobics room, but we'd still like it to look great.

Solution: The cost of hardwood can be prohibitive, but you can get the beauty of wood for your sports floor without the high cost. Lonseal Flooring offers a range of resilient sheet sport surfaces that can fool users and spectators into thinking it's really wood. Lonseal's resilient wood-grain Loncourt and Lonwood Performa surfaces evoke the majesty and bounce of quarter-sawn wood planks but provide superior slip-resistance, lower maintenance, longer durability and lower lifecycle cost. Plus, their cushioned-step backing helps reduce both fatigue and injury. Installations look great up to 20 years later.

Lonseal Flooring: 800-832-7111

Problem: Waste paper towels are causing plumbing problems.

Solution: Bobrick Warm- Air dryers can help eliminate plumbing problems and fires caused by paper towels in vandal-prone washrooms. Available in a variety of durable materials and at a range of price points, these dryers can save money and also offer hands-free hygiene.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.: 800-553-1600

Problem: Our bleachers are impossible to move.

Solution: Jiffy Mover by Kay Park-Recreation Corp. is a cost-effective, easy- to-use way to move bleachers from one area to another. It's easy, crank-up, hook-and-go operating system allows one person to move four- or five-row bleachers with a small truck, tractor or mower, and it takes only 10 minutes. There's less liability for personnel injury, no more structural damage to bleachers you shouldn't move, and no other moving equipment needed. You gain peace of mind, and your visitors have seats where they want them.

Kay Park Recreation Corp.: 800-553-2476

Problem: We already started our sports field lighting installation, but nearby homeowners are now concerned about spill light.

Solution: The engineers at Qualite Sports Lighting can help you choose the right lighting for your needs, such as the International Series. They can also design a combination of visored and non-visored fixtures to provide maximum light levels on the field with excellent light cutoff in the neighborhood.

Qualite Sports Lighting, Inc.: 800-933-9741