Problem: Cigarette butts are littering our entranceways.

Solution: With in-creased legislation banning smoking in public areas, cigarette litter is on the rise. Smokers who need to extinguish cigarettes before entering restricted areas often dispose of them on the ground, littering your public entranceways, doorways, shrubs, sidewalks and more. You can control cigarette litter with the Smokers' Outpost(tm), one of the most effective and widely recognized cigarette litter receptacles on the market. Choose from several models and colors with matching waste-container options.

Smokers' Outpost: 866-571-3074

Problem: We need an easy way to move our picnic tables.

Solution: Pilot Rock Park Equipment has a new Table Mover for use by anyone who has picnic tables that need to be relocated for a special event or for seasonal storage. The Model TM-500 Table Mover works independently of the style of table frame because it temporarily attaches to the seat plank. It is designed to accommodate seat planks of various materials, widths and thicknesses. One person can move tables up to 12 feet long, without a motorized vehicle. Tables can be moved over most ground surfaces and in or out of remote areas not readily accessible to vehicles.

RJ Thomas Mfg. Company Inc.: 800-762-5002

Problem: We want to improve food safety and reduce food waste.

Solution: Star's Grill-Max(tm) Electronic Roller Grill has electronic controls with built-in intelligence to deliver improved food safety, enhanced food quality, labor savings and reduced food waste. When the unit reaches serving temperatures, an audible alarm sounds, and the grill automatically switches to the hold setting. Precise multi-zone temperature control provides a product temperature range of between 145 degrees Fahrenheit and 190 degrees Fahrenheit, holding food at a safe serving temperature. One of the industry's first LED displays has product temperature for both cook and hold cycles.

Star Manufacturing Int'l: 800-264-7827

Problem: Our walls take a lot of abuse and constantly need paint touchups or complete repainting.

Solution: GlasbordĀ® fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall panels by Kemlite Company can end your painting nightmares. It's easy to install and can be used directly over most current wall coverings. The moisture-resistant, mildew-resistant, scratch- and abrasion-resistant panels mean you'll never need to repaint your walls again. With Glasbord, it just takes one installation, and you're done. In an environment where people frequently come and go, you can be sure that your walls will be protected when you use Glasbord FRP.

Kemlite Company: 800-435-0080

Problem: We need to replace our filter, but it's in a tight spot.

Solution: Natare MicroCell Hi-Rate Hori-zontal Sand Filter systems offer flexible, efficient filtration in small or inaccessible areas. It is one of the most durable, efficient and effective filter systems available. With easy installation by one person, field assembly is a breeze with pre-engineered, easily assembled face piping and component sections. The filter is manufactured from long-lasting 304 and 316 stainless steel and heavy-duty PVC. It may be the last filter system you ever purchase.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

Problem: Restroom vandalism is costing us too much money.

Solution: VandalStop restroom products allow you to eliminate recurring costs of dispenser replacements and restroom repair. These products are durable and noncorrosive, lasting a lifetime. VandalStop dispensers are manufactured from 12-gauge, #4 brushed, 316L stainless steel, which use all styles of paper and are warranted. The attractive and sturdy stainless steel will not rust, pit or corrode and is impervious to most harsh chemicals and natural elements such as salty air. With VandalStop Products dispensers, you can stop recurring costs and put your manpower to better use.

VandalStop Products: 530-894-7867

Problem: We're having trouble finding high-quality tables that are made with recycled plastic lumber.

Solution: Doty & Sons square Sycamore table no. T6220 uses recycled plastic lumber and is a heavy-duty 690 pounds. The style fits most facility settings. Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc. has manufactured high-quality concrete products since 1948. The product line includes litter receptacles, cigarette urns and banks, benches, planters, bollards, table sets, and other products. Custom concrete products are also available. Finishes include exposed aggregate and sandblast finish, as well as special aggregates and colors.

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc.: 800-233-3907

Problem: Our loose fill playground surfacing hides harmful objects and needs frequent replacing.

Solution: Tiles from Dinoflex Rubber Playground do not allow foreign objects to hide anywhere. There is also no loose material for children to kick, throw or swallow. Daily maintenance is not required to maintain your playground surface over time. Unlike loose fill, Dinoflex Playground Tiles stay put, fulfilling the standards for shock attenuation everywhere.

Dinoflex Manufacturing Ltd.: 877-713-1899