Problem: We need to replace an existing baseball scoreboard but want to avoid the time and expense of tearing up our facility by burying cable during installation.

Solution: Trans-Lux Fair-Play offers scoring solutions. Along with the high-visibility, low-maintenance LED scoreboards, there are also wireless and battery control options that allow scoring from nearly any location with no need for data transmission cable. From the Little League to the Major League, Fair-Play is a leader in high-performance scoreboard technology.

Fair-Play Scoreboards: 515-265-5305

Problem: We need a flooring product for our heavy-traffic areas.

Solution: No Fault Sport Floor is an effective surface for heavy-traffic areas, such as fitness centers. Other surfaces, like carpet, inevitably tear, causing trip hazards or spills that may stain and lead to unsanitary results and unpleasant odors. No Fault Sport Floor is simple to install, resilient, durable and easy to maintain, making it a superior flooring for fitness areas. It is available in a variety of colors and can be adjusted to meet your specific conditions and help you achieve the custom look you desire.

No Fault Sport Group: 800-232-7766

Problem: We spend too much money every year on replacement and maintenance of our park furniture.

Solution: Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls manufactures a variety of styles of park benches and picnic tables that do not require yearly painting or staining. They will not rot or splinter, so there is no need to spend additional money year after year on costly replacement parts. You can buy your furniture once and forget about it.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls: 800-338-1438

Problem: We're planning a major upgrade to our tennis courts and want to make sure we get the best product for the right price.

Solution: To get the most out of your big tennis project, use a USTC and TBA member as a supplier, as a builder and as a consultant if you need one. The reason they belong to the association is because they adhere to the highest standards in the industry and keep themselves educated on the latest technologies. To be the best consumer you can, "The Book" of tennis courts, written by the pros who build them every day, provides unparalleled education."Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual," written by the pros who build them every day, provides unparalleled education.

U.S. Tennis Court and Track Builders Association: 410-418-4875

Problem: Our urinals are getting vandalized constantly.

Solution: Waterless No-Flush(tm) urinals eliminate most damage vandals can inflict on a urinal. As the fixture works completely without water or flush valves, there is really nothing left for a vandal to break. There is no flush valve to destroy, no water to overflow, no odors to develop, no messes in the urinal trapways. In addition, No-Flush urinals save about 45,000 gallons of water/sewer a year and reduce maintenance costs.

Waterless Company LLC: 800-244-6364

Problem: We have a growing number of elderly and disabled swimmers who need assistance getting in and out of the pool.

Solution: RMT Aquatics offers a unique line of aquatic lifts. They are reliable, easy to use and are adaptable to nearly any aquatic installation. All lifts are backed by a one-year warranty on components and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

RMT Aquatics: 800-577-4424

Problem: Our playground equipment is not ADA-compliant, preventing some children from having access to upper-level play areas.

Solution: Soft Play's Level 2 Spiral Climb features a unique, wheelchair-accessible ADA transfer platform. The innovative 6-inch rise gives children of all abilities access to and from any upper levels on a play system. Designed to comply with the U.S. ASTM F1918-98 13.5.3 standards, the Spiral Climb is one of the only products on the market that can claim this benefit. Additional features include a spacious interior that allows two-way traffic flow up and down without congestion, large windows that provide visibility to help caregivers monitor children, and well-ventilated slotted panels that help provide maximum air circulation.

Soft Play, LLC: 704-875-6550, ext. 422

Problem: For our playground, we need protective surfacing that won't degrade like wood fiber but is still safe and economical.

Solution: PlayTurf® recycled rubber safety surfacing from Landscape Structures contains no toxins or metal splinters, and it won't decompose. Sealed with an odorless, non-allergenic, fire-resistant, UV-stabilized coating, PlayTurf® meets all ASTM and CPSC safety requirements, and you won't need an asphalt or concrete sub-base if you use a Landscape Structures Wear Grid.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-438-6574