Problem: We have no place for visitors to picnic or get protection from the elements.

Solution: By installing a Classic Recreation System steel shelter, you can meet your immediate problems of providing a comfortable picnic area, and you can also specify a beautiful, low-maintenance and vandal-resistant shelter. An added bonus is that you will also provide a focal point for your project, offering years of practical and visual enjoyment. There are many models and sizes to choose from.

Classic Recreation Systems, Inc.: 800-697-2195

Problem: Employee theft and counterfeits are hurting our admissions cash collection.

Solution: Visa Band wristbands help eliminate "cash shrink- age" caused by employee theft or counterfeits, while assisting the flow of revenue into the proper direction. The wristbands provide a cost-effective solution for admission/cash collection for sports events, swimming pools, waterparks, skate parks and more. Highly visible and nontransferable, Visa Band wristbands are the choice for crowd control and identification at many parks and recreation facilities. Visa Band has a wide selection of colors, materials, styles and features.

Precision Dynamics Corporation: 800-255-1865

Problem: We need to resurface our tennis court, and we want to go with a high-performance option.

Solution: SportMaster has been providing tennis court owners with premium quality surfacing products and outstanding technical service and support for more than 25 years. The company brings science and advanced technology to the tennis court surface, resulting in a system of tennis court surfacing products that provides optimum performance for both player and surface.

SportMaster: 800-395-7325

Problem: Our lockers often sustain a great deal of abuse, requiring us to replace them frequently.

Solution: The All-Welded Heavy Duty Integrated Frame Locker from Lyon Workspace Products features a doorframe that is an integral part of the sides, top and bottom of the locker for maximum strength and security. The single-point, recessed locking device has no moving parts and features a convenient, magnetic catch for positive door closing every time. The 14-gauge steel doors on single-, double- and triple-tier models have an 18-gauge pan-type stiffener welded inside the channel-shaped formation on the hinge side of the door for extra strength. Standard diamond-shaped door perforations provide proper ventilation as well as an attractive look.

Lyon Workspace Products: 800-323-0096

Problem: We have a large lake on our property, and it has water-quality issues and requires a significant amount of aeration to keep it healthy.

Solution: Instead of using a single aerator with a higher horsepower to try to aerate a large volume of water, it is more efficient to use multiple smaller units that are placed strategically around the body of water to disburse the oxygen more evenly.

Air-O-Lator Corporation: 800-821-3177

Problem: Our facility gets a lot of bright sunshine, which is great in many ways, but we'd like to provide some shady areas as well.

Solution: Birdair shade structures are designed for beauty, built for function. They provide beautiful landscape enhancements as well as plenty of shade. Whether you're shading a large playground or small kiosk, Birdair has a product for you. Other shade design solutions are effective for pool patios, cafes, picnic areas, walkway/entrance canopies, courtyards and entertainment venues. Premium-grade, pre-assembled umbrellas are ready for immediate shipment. Custom designs or pre-engineered structures can meet your specific design needs.

Birdair, Inc.: 800-622-2246

Problem: We want our restrooms to be attractive, yet easy to clean, and fire- and odor-resistant.

Solution: CXT manufactures more than 30 different steel-reinforced concrete vault, flush, shower, compost, concession and storage facilities in a wide variety of textures and colors. These preassembled buildings are five times denser than concrete block, so they won't absorb odors, they are easy to clean and maintain, they're bullet-proof, fire-proof, and meet all local building codes.

CXT Precast Concrete Products: 800-663-5789

Problem: We have a wading pool that we must constantly close because of bacteria and because we don't have enough lifeguards.

Solution: By making the change to a zero-depth SprayGround®, you can eliminate the need for lifeguards and provide a fun and exciting spray play area that uses recirculated and sanitized water. In many cases, some existing equipment can be used, providing additional cost savings.

Rain Drop Products, LLC: 800-343-6063