Problem: We'd like to use synthetic grass, but it seems so player unfriendly.

Solution: Synthetic grass originally had abrasive fibers and carpet-style backing. The second generation used less abrasive fibers infilled with angular shaped silica sand, which, when compacted, resulted in a pile height that was shorter than ideal. A-Turf features the newest generation: a softer, durable fiber, tufted in a longer pile height, infilled with rubber granules, or a combination of rounded, uniformly sized silica sand. It won't compact like angular sand, resulting in a more player-friendly, long-lasting synthetic grass system.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Problem: We don't have a cost-effective way to time our games and events.

Solution: Daktronics offers a portable clock to help time competitions and training events. It has 7-inch amber LED digits, a built-in rechargeable battery and easy programming of nine different functions. It can help keep your soccer game on schedule, control your hockey practice schedule or segment timing for training. The comfortable handle and lightweight design make it perfect for a coach or parent to bring along as well.

Daktronics: 888-325-8766

Problem: We're planning a major upgrade to our running track and want to make sure we get the best product for the right price.

Solution: To get the most out of your running track project, use a USTC and TBA member as a supplier, as a builder and as a consultant if you need one. The reason they belong to the association is because they adhere to the highest standards in the industry and keep themselves educated on the latest technologies. To be the best consumer you can, "Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual," written by the pros who build them every day, provides unparalleled education.

U.S. Tennis Court and Track Builders Association: 410-418-4875

Problem: Our utility bills continue to increase every month.

Solution: Water Conservation Services products can help with industrial strength, long-lasting, water- and energy-saving shower systems, both coin-operated and touch-operated. Coin-operated showers can shorten shower waiting lines and reduce hot-water usage, waste stream and energy costs while bringing in revenue to counter some of the existing bills. These systems are UL- and ADA-approved, providing safety to both your customers and employees. They are easy to install and can provide your park with years of savings.

Water Conservation Services: 888-872-4975

Problem: We need a poured-in-place playground surface that will last as long as possible.

Solution: Surface America's top surface is a granule and urethane mix that includes an industry-leading 2.44 pounds of material per square feet, yielding a dense, tight, nominal thickness of a 1/2-inch. Many other systems use 10 percent to 40 percent less material in their top surface. More material means more structural integrity and a longer life.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Problem: Our locker bottoms are rusting through.

Solution: The problem of rusting locker bottoms in wet areas is too often handled by ignoring the problem until after the parts have rusted through, by replacing the locker bottoms, or by ordering heavier gauge parts or parts made of galvanized or stainless steel. Penco Products, Inc. offers a new solution. Penco lockers can now be equipped with solid plastic bottoms manufactured in various sizes. These parts, pre-drilled to fit Penco lockers, are available as inserts or replacements for existing lockers or they can be ordered with new lockers.

Penco Products, Inc.: 800-362-1000

Problem: We use a wood fiber safety surface, but it's making it difficult for our physically challenged visitors to access the area.

Solution: The height above ground level of engineered wood fiber safety surfacing poses a challenge when providing wheelchair access to the surface itself. Miracle Recreation offers the new Miracle Timber(tm) Access Ramp, featuring a grooved RockiteĀ® (plastic) surface for extra traction. With a 6-inch rise and ample dimensions (64 inches long and 40 inches wide), it offers excellent stability for heavy traffic.

Miracle Recreation: 800-523-4202

Problem: With the sweltering summer weather, our outdoor pool temperatures climb uncomfortably high, not only a turnoff to swimmers but inviting to bacteria, viruses and algae.

Solution: The Watercannon manufactured by Living Waters Aeration uses new technology along with the natural process of aeration found in ocean waves and waterfalls for a revolutionary approach to swimming pool maintenance, refreshment and fun. The proven natural process adds much needed oxygen into the water. Your water quality and clarity improves, while reducing bacteria and algae. Chemical needs are also reduced, while maintaining the integrity of your pool water, increasing user comfort and assuring safety.

Living Waters Aeration Systems: 508-240-6393