Problem: Our new athletic fields are overloading our line-painting crew.

Solution: Jiffy Line Stripers' self-propelled Model 8000 can cut your line-painting time in half. A smooth, hydrostatic transmission eliminates pushing and travels at any constant speed that the operator sets. The unit rolls straight on large 12-inch ball-bearing turf tires, giving you professional results in less time. A large 12-gallon stainless-steel tank also means less time-consuming refills.

Jiffy Line Stripers: 800-844-5002

Problem: Our facility has lost some of its appeal, and we're looking for something that will add distinction.

Solution: The Log by Fun Water Products is a unique and cost-effective way to put new life into your existing facility or make your new facility a distinctive destination. Fun and safe, yet challenging, this modern version of the classic lumberjack log roll is a patented product that combines state-of-the-art materials with an ingenious design, while maintaining all the energy, skill and fun of log rolling. You might purchase The Log to enhance physical fitness and skill development, but it's mostly just for fun. The only thing more fun than falling off The Log, is trying to stay on.

Fun Water Products: 800-766-2236

Problem: We need long-lasting, commercial-grade pool and waterpark tubes.

Solution: Zebec offers a complete line of commercial-grade pool and waterpark tubes constructed specifically for the commercial aquatics industry. Zebec tubes are made with strong double inner gussets; double outside seams; heavy-duty handles; recessed valves and superior, heavy-duty fabric that lasts longer than other tubes. Zebec also provides the largest selection available: single, double and triple tubes; air mats; foam slide mats; head-first racer mats; inline and round waterpark rafts; bumper boat tubes; water sleds; water trampolines; power inflators; and waterproof fanny packs.

Zebec of North America, Inc.: 800-909-3232

Problem: Our school gym mats are becoming old and decrepit.

Solution: AD MATS is a manufacturer of gym mats of all kinds and understands that today's budget restrictions are a fact of life. Sports directors of schools cannot afford to go out and buy a few mats at regular retail prices. But they can coordinate with other schools in the area and make their purchases as a co-op to benefit from larger purchasing power. Renew your gyms and make them safer at the same time, at a much better price.

AD MATS Corporation: 800-971-0205

Problem: Our pedestrian bridge needs to be replaced.

Solution: Designed as a kit, Wheeler's Tim-ber Recreation Bridge is ready for installation at the remotest location or right in the middle of town. Choose from standard plans or select optional railings. Everything is included to complete the job. Wheeler offers many designs fully shop-assembled and ready to set right off the truck. Complete plans, sealed by Wheeler's professional engineers, meet all applicable standards for pedestrian or vehicular traffic such as golf carts, snowmobiles, ATVs or maintenance vehicles.

Wheeler Consolidated: 800-328-3986

Problem: Many of our fitness facility guests complain of lower-back pain, and we'd like to offer some help.

Solution: A new strength-training program that targets lower-back pain has been created by The Nautilus Group with Work-Fit® Division of Healthtrax, a provider of fitness, wellness and on-site employee rehabilitation. Research that was conducted using Nautilus 2ST® selectorized weight machines showed that, by following a strength-building program over a three- to six-month period, subjects saw a marked improvement. The program entails just three pieces of affordable and space-efficient (less than 140 square feet) Nautilus equipment.

The Nautilus Health & Fitness Group: 303-545-1432

Problem: We need high-quality, affordable scoreboards, but our budget keeps getting tighter.

Solution: Varsity Scoreboards sells its products factory-direct, passing savings of 25 percent or more to the end customer. Varsity Scoreboards has some of the lowest scoreboard prices in the industry, guaranteed.

Varsity Scoreboards: 866-575-0577

Problem: There never seems to be enough time or manpower to complete daily tasks at the parks and recreation facilities we maintain.

Solution: The John Deere 1600 Turbo Wide-Area Mower may be an option with its almost 11 feet of cutting width. Powered by a 64-horsepower, turbo-charged diesel engine and a 22-gallon fuel tank, this mower can tackle 8.5 acres an hour at 6.5 mph. The mower can achieve a transport speed of up to 14.5 miles per hour.

John Deere Corporation: 800-537-8233