Problem: We have several wood sports floors with various costly problems as well as the yearly cost of re-coating.

Solution: HARO Sports Floors employs flexible, multi-layer con- struction that nearly eliminates the swelling, shrinking, gapping and cracking common with conventional hardwood floors. The factory-applied Permadur® finish typically lasts five to 10 years without screening and re-coating. Refinishing depth is about the same as solid wood floors. HARO floors meet or exceed DIN standards.

HARO Sports Floors: 866-774-HARO (4276)

Problem: We want an aesthetic, rock-like climbing wall, but we're short on space, budget and climbing expertise.

Solution: Nicros-Easy Wall panels are molded from real rock, but at just 2 inches thick, they take up almost no space when bolted to an existing wall. Weighing around 40 pounds, the panels install quickly, and the special urethane can be cut and drilled for custom installations. When installed two panels high, there's no need for ropes or other equipment, just standard gymnastic mats.

Nicros Inc.: 651-778-1975

Problem: Our new commercial pool will be opening soon, and we need equipment and supplies immediately.

Solution: Brock commercial and swimming pool equipment suppliers, now celebrating its 25th anniversary, can provide you with superior service, quality, competitive prices and quick delivery. Brock's pool vacuum experts will help you choose what's best for you, including the top three lines of automatic pool cleaners: Ultramax, Aquavac and now a full line of Dolphin products.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360

Problem: We have a beautiful trail, but we need a visitor restroom facility that doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

Solution: The Romtec ReadySet Waterless Restroom is a complete, prefabricated unit that requires minimal installation and cost. This high-quality, odor-free restroom facility is completely waterless and includes an environmentally safe 1,000-gallon polyethylene-lined concrete underground vault to hold waste. Two available building models include the ReadySet Single and ReadySet Double.

Romtec: 541-496-0803

Problem: Our park trails are suffering from severe rutting and erosion.

Solution: Gravelpave2 from Invisible Structures, Inc., is a low-maintenance, reliable surface with excellent drainage, easy accessibility and no rutting. It is effective for wilderness trails, pedestrian and horse trails and paths, golf cart paths, storage yards, utility accesses, and RV and automobile parking. It also improves water quality and comes in four standard colors to match your existing landscape.

Invisible Structures, Inc.: 800-233-1510

Problem: We need a shelter that is attractive.

Solution: People in-stantly recognize and embrace the beauty and utility of the traditional pavilion or gazebo. Vixen Hill Pavilions provide shelter, while offering a centerpiece for private and public functions. The durability and warmth of these cedar structures is combined with an easy assembly.

Vixen Hill Manufacturing Co.: 800-243-2766

Problem: Our large play area has many different fall-height requirements.

Solution: Playground tiles from Welch Products can be installed, ranging in thickness from approximately 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches, depending on the fall height needed in each area. To compensate, designers can specify that the concrete is poured at different levels to offset for tile thickness, so all tiles would have the same finished level. The result is a smooth surface with variable fall-height protection that is transparent to the children at play.

Welch Products: 877-385-5544

Problem: Our school needs a high-activity playground with minimal maintenance required.

Solution: Recreation Creations offers low-maintenance recycled structures in a variety of creative designs to replace your school's older, high-maintenance wood equipment. RCI's full line of commercial equipment, with lifetime guaranteed PlasTech(tm) recycled uprights, make play design and product selection easy.

Recreation Creations, Inc.: 800-766-9458