Premium Channels

BroadcastVision, providing entertainment to the fitness industry, offers a new generation of personal screens that has a 25-percent brighter picture. It also has an optional Picture in Picture feature, a new 10-key direct access remote and a wireless headphone that allows exercisers complete freedom of movement during a cardiovascular workout. For a larger visual image, BroadcastVision also has the 22-inch and 30-inch Widescreen Liquid Crystal Televisions. These super-bright, flat-screen TVs display vivid colors. Another innovation is the Exertris computerized video gaming bike, which motivates exercisers by combining computer games with cycling. Visio Training interactive movies create scenes and varied workouts.

Broadcast Vision: 800-770-9770

A Band a Month

Customers who crave convenience, variety and value will enjoy the new monthly wristband specials launched on the Visa Band Web site. Now facilities and organizations have more options than ever to promote their seasonal events and activities with pre-printed Designer Tyvek Bands. New designs are introduced every month and feature timely themes, such as Mardi Gras, Easter eggs, baseball, Cinco de Mayo, graduation and more. Available in vinyl, Tyvek® and tri-laminate materials, Visa Band's expanded line of pre-printed Expressions Bands also offer a custom look without a custom price. They come in more than 35 patterns with 12 new designs.

Precision Dynamics Corporation: 800-255-1865

Fly Trap

Visitors to your parks and other recreation areas will no longer be driven away or indoors by the torment of biting flies. The Horse Pal biting fly trap has been found effective in controlling flies in the horsefly, deerfly and yellow fly family. It is environmentally sound; requires no chemicals, baits or insecticides; and works all day. Flies are visually attracted to a target and then directed by the trap into a retainer jar where they are captured and die from the heat of the sun without smell or maintenance. Only the occasional removal of dead dry flies is required.

Newman Enterprises: 888-685-2244

Safety Surface

Rainbow Turf Pour-in-Place is a unitary surface made from the Rainbow Turf Loose-Fill material, used for safety surfacing, walking trail environments, landscaping and anti-fatigue surfaces. For walking trail environments, the Rainbow Turf Pour-in-Place provides wheelchair accessibility while providing a cushion for legs and joints. The surface easily exceeds federal guidelines for ASTM testing and has been used by Disney, NASA, the National Forest Service and other places where the product has been in place for several years.

Play Space Services: 888-653-7529

Lightning Strikes

Lightning can strike from as far as nine miles away from any storm without warning. Within a 75-mile range, the ThunderBoltTM Storm Detector has computer software that analyzes and calculates the distance of lightning activity (in miles), storm intensity and estimated time of arrival on an LCD screen. When lightning is local and most dangerous, audible and visual warnings are given as well as estimated time for the lightning to safely clear your area. With data updates every 15 seconds, the ThunderBoltTM lets your work crew, athletes and fans know when it is safe to return to the field or course.

Beacon Ballfields: 800-747-5985

Starting Strobe

SR Smith offers its new QuickbloxTM Starting platforms for competition pools that has a built-in strobe light that flashes with the start tone of the race, so swimmers react to a visual cue as well as the tone. Tests conducted show reaction times for starts were 3/10 to 4/10 of a second faster with the strobe light. The QuickbloxTM is available with a quickset or bolt-down anchor and can be retrofitted to existing anchors. It can also be custom-tailored to decks and bulkheads and come in a range of custom colors to match team colors or pool design.

S.R. Smith: 503-266-2231

Rugged Restrooms

The Global American by Hampel Corporation is a portable restroom made of rugged, heavy-duty construction. It offers many operator-friendly features and is competitively priced. It is made with a one-piece continuous door frame, easy-to-clean inside walls, large capacity pyramid-shaped tank and translucent roof. A lifetime warranty comes with the restroom on the door latch and door spring. Choose from blue, green, tan, aqua and gray.

Hampel Corporation: 800-549-1596

Graffiti-Proof Signs

Classic Design Signs from Markers Inc. provide exceptional value indoors or out. High-quality materials plus Old-World craftsmanship is applied to standard or custom signs up to 4 by 8 feet or larger. Custom signs are available with logos, inlays or combined materials providing superior legibility that match your needs and budget. Whether you're looking for a single, painted sign or a more complex carved and routed design, Markers will deliver on time and on budget.

Markers, Inc.: 800-969-5920