Side-Viewing Scoreboards

Nevco's new outdoor solid-state electronic scoreboards take visibility to the next level with high-tech LEDs. The unique LEDs are designed into seven bar-segment digits, resulting in excellent visibility from all angles-even the sides. One inch of white outline striping increases readability even further. The Nevco LED scoreboard also is long-lasting, rated at 100,000 hours, with reduced heat and current for safety and cost-efficiency. Choose from an easy-to-install 2-Wire control system or wireless control for convenience and flexibility.

Nevco Scoreboard Company: 800-851-4040

Slim Scores

Increase excitement and the competition level on your playing field with All American Scoreboards' new outdoor portable scoreboard. The versatile, slim unit weighs only 28 pounds and is easily transported in the trunk of most midsize vehicles. Scoring information is displayed on easy-to-read 7-3/4-inch bright yellow digits, which intensify in brightness as ambient light increases. A common power-tool-style 9.6-volt rechargeable battery lasts for more than 25 hours and recharges in 45 minutes. Control the unit with a hand-held wireless remote. The rounded case and laminated digit assemblies are extremely durable and impact-resistant. The scoreboard comes with a two-year limited warranty.

All American Scoreboards: 800-356-8146

Multisport Scoring

The 5240 multisport scoreboard from Colorado Display Systems can be built specifically for hockey, soccer, baseball or basketball. This easy-to-use, low-cost scoreboard features bright LED digits for great visibility, 14-inch for time, 10-inch for score and 7-inch for period/inning/quarter. The unit offers a portable option with a caddy and comes with a five-year warranty.

Colorado Display Systems: 800-762-1618

Customized Boards

Swimware Aquatic Scoreboards range from one-line to 10-line displays and come with your team's custom-designed logo. Bright LED characters are visible indoors and out and are protected by a nonglare lens. Alphanumeric boards display events, team codes, names, splits, cumulative times, finishes and messages. Affordable numeric boards show lane, place and time. You can use software from International Sports Timing with your PC to control the boards. Software includes Timeware and Hy-Tek's Meet Manager for swimming and diving, Poloware for water polo matches, and Workware for workouts. All boards are light, easy to install and have a five-year limited warranty.

International Sports Timing: 800-835-2611

Solar Scoring

Sportable Scoreboards is one of America's leading scoreboard manufacturers, an originator of wireless remote-control technology for scoreboards and one of the only companies offering solar-charged, battery-powered scoreboards. With a solar scoreboard, you can eliminate electrical power to your scoreboard forever. Sportable Scoreboards has a complete line of outdoor scoreboards in a variety of displays including light bulb and 100,000-hour-rated, super-bright LED numerals.

Sportable Scoreboards: 800-323-7745

Bright Lights

The new Fair-Play Model BA-7118-2 scoreboard is installed in places like Coon Rapids, Minn. The large 18-foot board offers parks and municipalities an effective scoring solution for fans who want critical statistics on the game, including runs, hits and errors. Fair-Play's superior outdoor LED digits are easily read from any seat in the park, and the LED greatly reduces board maintenance. Add Fair-Play's wireless and battery-control options for the ultimate in scoring ease and convenience of operation.

Fair-Play: 800-247-0265

Display Bonuses

The state-of-the-art ProStarĀ® VideoPlus LED scoring and video display by Daktronics is capable of showing player and team statistics, as well as scores from other games in progress, live video, and static and animated graphics. The unit has been installed at locations such as Texas Christian University's Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Daktronics: 800-DAKTRONICS

Spread Spectrum Scoreboards

Eversan, Inc. provides 2.4-Ghz digital spread spectrum wireless scoreboards, message signs, video displays, timers and shot clocks. High-frequency-hopping data transfer eliminates cable clutter and reduces installation cost and setup time. This energy-efficient system is built with fully integrated microprocessor-controlled components and embedded radios. Auto scanning means no complicated channel changes, and interference-free operation with long distance communication capabilities allows data transmittal over one mile with optional antennas.

Eversan, Inc.: 800-383-6060