Portable Pop

Servend, a leading manufacturer of ice- and beverage-dispensing equipment, offers the new QSV, an all-in-one beverage dispenser that provides economical and high-quality drinks. Portable and self-contained, the QSV is perfect for small-volume operations or taking to special events where carbonated beverages are desirable. The system operates from a self-contained cabinet complete with BIB storage and all the backroom components necessary for six fountain dispensers. Other features include optional locking casters for easy mobility and flex manifold for quick carbonated or noncarbonated flavor changes in minutes. The system uses only one water line, one drain and one electrical outlet.

Manitowoc Company, Inc.: 800-246-7000

Pump Thick and Thin

Server Products, a manufacturer of stainless-steel serving and dispensing equipment, recently introduced the Server SolutionTM, an NSF-listed plastic pump that will dispense a wide range of food products, from think syrups to most relishes and salsas. Constructed of durable polycarbonate, the Server SolutionTM yields 1-ounce portions with gauging collars that permit portion reduction in 1/4-ounce increments to assure cost control. Available from Server Products and backed by a two-year warranty, the unit is easy to clean and maintain.

Server Products: 800-558-8722

Good Gloves

FoodHandler, a leader in gloves and food safety products and programs, now offers disposable gloves certified by NSF for foodservice use. The Center for Disease Control reports 76 million foodborne illnesses, and improper hand hygiene is the most common way illness-causing viruses are transmitted. Recognized as a leader in the development of standards and testing procedures for products in food, public health and safety, NSF has established a strict and rigorous certification process for food contact gloves. All FoodHandler NSF-certified gloves must meet these demanding standards, which means you can be sure that the gloves are safe for food contact.

FoodHandler: 800-338-4433

Snack Food

More than 30 popular snack varieties are available from the new Snacks-on-the-Go from Marlow Candy & Nut Company, a leading New York peg candy manufacturer. The assortment of dashboard dining goodies includes gummies galore, Cajun mix, chocolate-covered raisins, nut and trail mixes, strawberry wheels, and cranberry nut mix. It also has wasabi peas, organic licorice, yogurt-covered raisins and natural pistachios. Packaging for the snacks is simple and functional: The 4-1/4-inch-high clear cups fit into the car's coffee holder and allow consumers to see the product and how much is left. Their lids snap on and off easily with a touch.

Marlow Candy & Nut Company: 201-569-7606

Eat Fresh

With more than 18,500 independently owned restaurants in 72 countries, the Subway brand is recognized for serving fresh, high-quality, made-for-you sandwiches. A reputation for offering a healthful alternative to fatty fast food has made Subway a popular destination for consumers worldwide. The Subway concept offers flexibility in size, location and investment. For nontraditional operators-such as those in amusement parks, campgrounds, colleges, park and recreational facilities, resorts, and other locations-the ease of operation and low startup costs of a Subway franchise are a huge plus.

Subway: 800-888-4848

Concession Concepts

The 59th edition of the Gold Medal Fun Food catalog is a valuable guide to profit-producing concessions concepts. This 104-page, full-color catalog showcases a broad range of equipment, as well as the supplies necessary for producing popcorn, cotton candy, Sno-Kones®, shave ice, nachos, pizza, hot dogs, smoothies and more. New items in the 2003 catalog include Pappy's Kettle Corn, American Pride Poppers, Super Floss and Super Breeze Cotton Candy machines, the Sno-King Sno-Kone® machine, a new "cheesier" recipe for nacho cheese sauce, the "Whiz Bang" carnival game line, and more.

Gold Medal Products Co.: 800-543-0862

Concession Coverage

Anchor Century® Frame Ground Mount Concession Tents are attractive, easy to install and functional. Made of vinyl, they have strong aluminum box beam frames and tension web guys. No interior ground poles means interior space is free, and the sidewall and bally system requires no lacing or snaps. Raingutters ensure a watertight fit while connecting multiple units. Frames come in vibrant colors and are available with special designs, colors and sizes from 10 square feet to 16 square feet. Options include collapsible, backlit, steel stitch and concession awnings; screen doors; rollup closure walls; custom logos and lettering; and flags or ballies.

Anchor Industries Inc.: 800-322-8368

Waste Away

BioOne® organic waste digestant is an advanced generation of biological treatment of drain lines and grease traps. The patented technology uses natural, live bacterial cultures specifically selected for efficient degradation and control of fats, oil and grease (FOG) and petroleum hydrocarbons. The liquid bioproduct provides superior and cost-effective treatment for eliminating waste buildup. BioOne® is a safe, all-natural product that complies with environmental regulations, USDA, local and state health departments, and utilities. The stabilized, naturally occurring Hungry Bacteria® require no germination period. The live microbes go to work immediately and result in more complete metabolism of waste.

One Biotechnology, Inc.: 800-951-4246