Rinks for All Reasons

With more than four decades of experience, Athletica builds world-class sport solutions. The Crystaplex Ice Rink Systems are found in many NHL arenas and more than 2,000 community rinks worldwide. Athletica's commitment to rink facilities that are safe, playable, durable and easy to maintain has made the Border Patrol Permanent In-Line Rink Systems an industry leader. GamePlex rinks are effective for multisport applications, while Border Patrol Portable rinks offer rink flexibility. Depending on the specifics of your product, Athletica has a rink to meet your budget and programming needs.

Athletica, Inc.: 800-809-RINK

Synthetic Ice

Viking Ice Synthetic Ice Rinks create opportunities for hockey training and recreational skating where conventional frozen ice rinks are not available. Viking Ice rinks are made of panels with low-friction polyethylene on both sides of an engineered core, providing a high resistance to abrasion and skate nicks. They can be installed on any solid surface, and the synthetic combination of exterior plywood and plastic can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional ice.

Viking Ice: 800-333-3898

Ice-Like Inline Floor

IceCourt® by Aacer Flooring is one of the only surfaces used worldwide specifically designed for roller hockey. It incorporates patented features, making it one of the fastest skating surfaces with equally fast puck speeds. IceCourt®'s surface design allows for great maneuverability at high speeds and better skate grip during tight turns and acceleration. The tiles have millions of "speed bumps" to reduce puck friction, allowing it to glide as if it's on ice: fast and long.

Aacer Flooring: 877-582-1181

Dewpoint Dilemmas

Year-round operation of indoor ice arenas requires humidity control to stop problems including fog, mold growth and dripping. Because the ice sheet cools the building, moisture-laden air from outside condenses on anything below the dewpoint. The Arid-ice unit by C.D.I. helps to eliminate these symptoms. Skaters appreciate improved ice conditions, and spectators are more comfortable. In addition, your ice-making refrigeration equipment runs more efficiently, and resurfacing is required less frequently. Efficient operation and favorable customer response make for a more profitable skating facility.

Concepts and Designs, Inc.: 248-344-8600

Temporary Rinks

NiceRink outdoor ice rink systems provide piece of mind for facility managers with temporary outdoor ice rinks. The patented, NiceRink bracket side board support system combined with NiceRink's strong, puncture- and tear-resistant super-white liners make for one of the best temporary rink designs ever created. Once the rink is in place, you can use the patented NiceIce resurfacer to smooth over any rink in less time, using less water and requiring less effort than you'd imagine.

NiceRink: 888-642-3746

Dasher Board Systems

Raita Sport manufacture and install high-quality products including a multi-line of steel and aluminum dasher boards for ice hockey, inline and indoor soccer markets. The Forum Pro 800 system is one of the company's most popular systems because of it's specially designed to be safe, aesthetic and durable. Raita also provides a full line of arena accessories such as safety netting and the Divide-a-Rink, a small dasher system that splits the ice surface into multiple sections to create playing surfaces on both sides.

Raita Sport, Division of The Welmar Group: 800-823-4523

10-Year Anniversary

Rink Systems has manufactured high-quality dasher board systems for a decade. The systems meet a variety of ice, inline and soccer needs and offer one of the most extensive lines of accessory items and replacement parts in the industry.

Rink Systems, Inc.: 800-944-7930