Fitness Gear

Fitness First Products celebrates its 15th anniversary with a new 2003 product catalog. The family-owned company offers high-quality products at low prices, including quantity discounts. Customer service is friendly and knowledgeable, so you can get your unique questions answered. The catalog features new yoga and Pilates equipment, an expanded line of Aeromat balance pads and mats, the new Troy light bar system, newly designed weight equipment, mats, balls, weights, jump ropes, and many more new products for commercial and home exercise clients. All equipment is manufactured to withstand the heavy use of health spas, gyms, Ys, schools and medical facilities.

Fitness First: 800-421-1791

Hailing a Cab

Polaris Industries has teamed up with Curtis Cab Co. to offer commercial utility task vehicles with a cab system that is FOPS/ROPS certified and available either hard-sided or soft-sided. The certification provides greater operator safety when working on uneven terrain or on sites with cranes or other large equipment. With the cab system, you can use the utility vehicle year-round. Attach a plow blade or a power broom to clear parking lots and sidewalks even when the temperature drops below zero. Besides the molded automotive-style safety glass front window, the cab windshields also have a locked-open position.

Polaris Industries Inc.: 763-847-8164

Light as Air

AluLITETM lightweight folding tables by Southern Aluminum are made with aircraft-grade aluminum construction, making them some of the most lightweight and most durable folding tables in the industry. They are light enough for one person to easily handle setup and take-down, and they come with a lifetime warranty. Unlike wood and plastic tables, AluLITETM tables won't have to be replaced every few years due to cracking, warping or other failures.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408

High-Traffic Tread

ChocflexTM, part of the DzynSpec Innovative Floor Covering CollectionTM from Mats, Inc.® is a commercial-grade no-wax vinyl floor covering with an acoustic backing that is engineered for high-traffic areas. It absorbs sound, resists wear and provides easy movement for wheels. It is also dimensionally stable and won't shrink, stretch or curl. Treated with Vitnet®, a protective polyurethane varnish, Chocflex is scuff- and soil-resistant and prevents yellowing. It is also treated with a bacteriostat and fungicide, so it prevents fungal and bacterial growth. You can choose from sheets or tiles in eight designs with as many as 20 color selections.

Mats Inc.: 800-628-7462

Innovative Exercising

The Absolute Fitness catalog describes the company's innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment, featuring the Auto Select commercial selectorized gyms. The patented Auto Select mechanism allows users to change weight increments with a selector located just next to them. They simply glide the handle to the desired weight, without using any pull-out pins. The weight stack and its movable parts are fully enclosed. Absolute Fitness also sends a complete line of free-weight benches, racks and accessories.

Absolute Fitness: 888-225-4044

Marinas Made Easy

Keeping up with changing needs is one of the biggest challenges for owners of marinas and docks. EZ Dock can help make it easier with its complete line of versatile, self-floating modular dock systems; PWC lifts; and boat lifts. Low maintenance and long-term durability make the polyethylene components an effective choice for almost any application.

EZ Dock: 800-654-8168

Soft but Solid

Landscape Structures Inc. offers a new line of site furnishings that are coated in Tender Tuff PVC to provide a soft texture and added durability. Products in-clude benches, picnic tables and litter receptacles, which come in a choice of four colors: red, tan, brown and blue. The painted surfaces of these furnishings are finished with super-durable TGIC polyester powdercoat colors that maintain their glossiness, even in harsh climates. Each of the 15 standard powdercoat colors is specifically designed to withstand heat, moisture and sun exposure. The new TenderTuff picnic tables and benches are available in movable or direct-bury styles.

Landscape Structures: 888-4FUNLSI

Eye-Catching Urn

Clean City Squares, Inc. offers a creatively styled smoking urn that looks like a realistic smashed cigarette butt. Cast from two different aggregate colors, the urn draws the attention of smokers and nonsmokers alike. PreCast has the same properties as concrete-it is easy to maintain and difficult to vandalize-but it has lower freight charges and is more attractive than concrete. The manufacturing method combines stone with super-strong epoxy to create a mixture that is stronger than each individual component.

Upbeat Incorporated: 800-325-3047