Shed Light

Pathway Lighting Products provides its new brochure featuring the Pendalumes, a line of decorative pendant downlighting. Pendalumes are available in 9-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch and 22-inch diameters, with either a prismatic acrylic refractor or satin anodized aluminum reflector. Polished chrome arms enhance their appearance and allow mounting for decorative accessories such as glass and acrylic discs. A wide variety of single- and multiple-lamp configurations are available in compact fluorescent, HID and incandescent styles.

Pathway Lighting Products, Inc.: 800-342-0592

Pool Refinishing

The latest technology for Swimming pool finishes, AQUAGUARD® is a specially formulated, high performance hermosetting epoxy resin that is reinforced with "state of the art" proprietary fillers and modified acrylic for increased physical strength, chemical resistance, and superior bonding properties. AQUAGUARD® was developed by a company with over forty-three years experience in the research and development of epoxy coatings and linings for industrial and pool applications. AQUAGUARD® is a product that combines the latest technology in epoxy coatings with a proven history of success.

Aquatic Technologies: 888-696-4389

Pure Ice

Manitowoc Ice, Inc. now offers the ArcticPure™ water filtration system as an option on its ice machines. Providing customers with up-to-date technology, ArcticPure™ replaces the now obsolete Triliminator. Water supplies typically contain chlorine, minerals and organics that can cause scale buildup, off tastes, odors or colors. Chlorine residuals can adversely affect the taste of beverages, and scale buildup can be difficult to remove, often requiring disassembly of the unit. Through state-of-the-art multicomposite carbon block water filtration technology, ArcticPure™ treats these impurities at the water source. As water flows through the carbon matrix, the carbon absorbs chlorine and other contaminants.

Manitowoc Ice Inc.: 800-545-5720

Prefab to Match

A popular historic mission in Southern California received a new public restroom installed in less than two days. Restroom Facilities Corporation, the prefabricated restroom manufacturer that designed the matching restroom, can match any existing site architecture. Accommodating about 90 visitors per hour, the facility is approximately 19.5 feet long by 9.5 feet wide with a galvanized steel frame and stucco exterior. First constructed at Restroom Facilities' Reno, Nev., plant, the restroom and integral slab were then shipped to the mission and installed in just under two days. This process minimizes safety hazards and site disruption commonly associated with on-site construction.

Restroom Facilities Ltd.: 800-447-6570

Beat the Heat

Managing the health and safety of your athletes is paramount to winning. Exertional heat illnesses inhibit athletes from performing at peak levels, threatens their safety and can expose an organization to liabilities. In direct response to these risks, Quest Technologies has introduced a comprehensive set of heat stress monitoring solutions for the sports industry. Already a leader in heat stress monitoring technologies in the industrial and military markets, Quest's solutions enable athletic trainers, coaches and sports medicine researchers to obtain comprehensive and accurate information in real time on numerous conditions that directly affect an athlete's safety and performance.

Quest Technologies, Inc.: 800-245-0779

Maid for the Beach

Harley/Cherrington, a leading manufacturer of landscaping rakes and beach cleaners, now offers a compact walk-along sandsifter. The Model 950 Walk-Along has a self-propelled, zero-turn radius and tethered remote control. Joy stick steering with independent rear wheel drive allows for maneuverability in very tight spaces and can work within inches of walls, trees and cabanas. Three interchangeable screens remove rocks, debris, seaweed, bird droppings, cigarette butts, encroaching grass and small roots. The unit has center wheel hydraulic depth control and settings and spacers that easily allow for accurate and consistent depth settings.

Cherrington Beachcleaners: 800-966-1588

On Your Mark

Markers Inc. offers a dramatically improved field lining system that incorporates an easy push-in/pull-out lining peg. The new Lining Peg holds the plumb line at the turf surface, resulting in faster, more accurate athletic field lining every time. MarkSmart Lining Kits reduce field lining time by two-thirds and eliminate the need for seasonal re-measuring. The system incorporates Markers' patented Ground Socket System that also holds Game Day Markers such as flags, pylons and yard markers. The Basic Lining Package marks lines for many team sports, while sports-specific packages are available for soccer, football and most intramural sports.

Markers, Inc.: 800-969-5920

Small Golf, Small Business

A portable, prefab miniature golf course is an effective small business with a startup investment that is often less than what you'd pay for an automobile. As a course owner, you're selling fun in an easy-to-run business with minimal inventory to replenish. The prefab miniature golf courses can be located both indoors and outdoors, along with driving ranges, batting cages, go-cart tracks, ice cream stands, and at malls, vacant buildings and even on roof tops overlooking a shore. Because the courses are so easy to move, some owners rent them for temporary setup at corporate events, tournaments and nonprofit fund-raisers.

Mini-Golf, Inc.: 570-489-8623