Off the Street

Simulate the moves that street skaters love in your own park with new "street" products from Woodward® Ramps and Rails by Huna Designs®. Using Woodward®-certified geometry and Skatelite Pro™ surfacing, these ledges, wedge corners, escalators, grind rails and grind boxes provide a high-quality, durable and quiet skate park for your community, with the smooth surface that skaters and bikers enjoy. Woodward® Ramps and Rails are backed by a 15-year limited warranty, with a five-year warranty on the Skatelite Pro™ surface.

Huna Designs: 800-430-7407

Portability with Extras

SunRamp is a leader in portable skate park ramps with its stackable designs. SunRamp customers appreciate the ability to stack their skate park on a truck or trailer and use it in different locations. Most SunRamps come ready to use with no assembly required, which translates to maximum portability. Park and recreation officials collaborated with scientists at the University of Minnesota to create a durable solution to traditional skate park maintenance. Exclusive polyurethane encapsulation fights moisture and UV, while Transition Boots™, made from recycled tire rubber, grip and protect surfaces for safe and quiet indoor or outdoor use.

SunRamp Solutions, Inc.: 877-978-6726

Skating Strong

Skate Concept® skate parks are designed by skaters for skaters, constructed using precast concrete modular skate park components manufactured by Barkman Concrete, a precast concrete manufacturer with 55 years of experience. Choose from hundreds of components including objects like quarter pipes, pyramids, banks, and a variety of grind units and bowls. All components come with a built-in anti-graffiti coating. All Skate Concept® products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to minimum compressive strengths of 6,000 pounds per square inch. The components are of superior quality and excellent durability for maintenance-free, quiet and safe skate parks at an affordable price.

Barkman Concrete Ltd.: 800-342-2879

Ramp Guides

MountainRamp is a full-service company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of skate parks and related equipment. At MountainRamp, quality and safety are top priorities. With field expertise, experience, and the ability to research and develop innovative designs, materials and products, MountainRamp guides city administrators, park officials and community leaders through the process of adding a skate park to their recreational facilities. MountainRamp's professional team can help you properly install a skate park from concept to design to planning and overall layout. Using community input with insight from MountainRamp, your skate park will be a safe, functional, cost-effective resource.

MountainRamp Inc.: 877-544-9684

Urban Development

Skatewave's Urban Series is modeled after items found on city streets and plazas. The 6-foot Skate Table has a tubular steel frame topped with 11-gauge steel support plates for strength and stability. Ultra-smooth polyethylene "boards" provide excellent grinding performance. These 2-inch-thick grinding boards are also interchangeable, allowing fresh edges to be rotated into outside positions as others become worn. Riders can execute various grinds and slides on the benches, manuals on the table top, and tricks over the table with the help of a Skatewave launch ramp such as a 2-foot quarter pipe, a 2-foot bank or a 14-inch kicker.

Skatewave: 866-758-9283

Ramping to a New Level

After a successful launch of its RampRider skate park equipment in 2002, Athletica has ramped up the 2003 RampRider line with new pieces, new and upgraded packages, new product heights and widths, and more. While some things have changed, RampRider continues to provide high-quality, modular skate park equipment at an affordable price. Designed to be both portable and permanent, for indoor or outdoor use, RampRider works effectively in a variety of applications. With its 10-year warranty, you know it's built to last.

Athletica Inc.: 800-809-7465, ext. 226

New Moves

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company offers its new Ozone™ skate park components, the company's latest innovation in modular park and play equipment. Ozone™ steel-frame skate park components offer durability approaching that of concrete, at a cost closer to that of wood. The modular design allows you to change the layout of your park as your needs change—tweak the skating area for flow, rearrange features for new challenges or update the park with additional components.

Ozone Skateparks: 800-523-4202