Sit Inside or Out

The AIM Bleacher Program from Aimcon now includes a full line of outdoor and indoor systems for the recreation and school board markets. Aimcon's Deluxe Bleacher system used for indoor arenas is now available for rigid outdoor bleachers and temporary bleachers. All AIM bleachers are customized and based on the needs of the facility in order to maximize sightlines and capacity. For years, Aimcon has been developing a line of bleachers that exceed normal standards and are manufactured with the same craftsmanship used in its Heavy Duty Dasher board systems. Aimcon provides complimentary assessments based on facility layout and needs.

Aimcon: 800-273-6204

Low-Rise Style

National Recreation Systems offers a new line of three- and four-row aluminum bleachers that do not require expensive guardrails or aisles to meet most building and safety codes. These units feature 11-1/2-inch-wide seats, first row seat heights of under 12 inches, top seat heights under 30 inches, and 6-inch rise/24-inch run per row. The Standard models include one 2-inch-by-10-inch foot plank, while Preferred models include two 2-inch-by-10-inch foot planks. Other products available include Tip-N-Roll, Transportable, Non-Elevated and Elevated Bleachers with many options such as chain-link or vertical picket guardrails, aisles with handrails, ADA ramps, and seating areas.

National Recreation Systems Inc.: 260-482-6023

Bleachers on the Go

TranSport Mobile Bleachers are one of the only 10-row-high bleachers made in seating capacities ranging from 180 to 300 people. Designed for rapid relocation, they feature a self-contained hydraulic actuation system that allows one person to set up an entire set of bleachers in only 10 minutes. When folded to highway width, they may be towed throughout a community. They feature all-weather materials and construction with a rugged galvanized-steel support structure and anodized seat and foot planks.

Century Industries: 812-246-3371

Bleacher Seats Here

Kay Park Recreation Corp. offers seating for all your needs. Bleachers with either aluminum or galvanized-steel understructures come in three-, five-, eight- and 10-row sizes. Planking includes wood, aluminum, vinyl plastisol or Fiberglass in various lengths. Tip and roll mobility units are available to provide mobility for special events or multipurpose settings. Kay Park has been manufacturing fine park equipment since 1954, with high-quality materials and skilled U.S. craftsmanship.

Kay Park Recreation Corp.: 800-553-2476

Silver Seats

Southern Bleacher sets the standard with its galvanized-steel frame-type bleachers. Silver Edition units are available in five-, 10- and 15-row elevated units and in five-, 10- and 15-row nonelevated units. Each model starts at 21 feet and can be lengthened at six-foot increments. The bleachers provide code-compliant aisles to allow spectators to move throughout the bleacher with ease. In addition, the units also address spectators in wheelchairs. Southern Bleacher's superior workmanship is your solid investment. Call its knowledgeable sales team.

Southern Bleacher Co.: 800-433-0912