The 2004 Visa Band® catalog features nontransferable wristbands for any event and every budget. Choose from Tyvek, vinyl or tri-laminate materials in a rainbow of highly visible colors. Custom-print your own message or logo or select from fun and colorful pre-printed designs. You can use Visa Band® wristbands for admission, special access, age ID, swimming ability, sponsorship, fund-raising, group ID and more. Find out more about the innovative Smart Band® RFID Wristband System, which combines a microchip and antenna for safe and accurate ID, tracking and processing.

Precision Dynamics: 800-255-1865

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Hundreds of pre-engineered building designs are available from Romtec, a leading manufacturer of public restroom facilities. The Sierra line of restrooms, restroom/shower facilities, concession and multiuse buildings is featured in one of Romtec's free catalogs. Solid concrete and steel-frame buildings include all fixtures and hardware. Complete architectural plans meet building codes nationwide.

Romtec: 541-496-3541

Stop Vandals

Stop vandalism, corrosion, theft and replacements with VandalStopTM Products restroom accessories. A four-page brochure describes the products that have produced hundreds of satisfied customers who enjoy up to 15 years of continuous use. Control your maintenance costs by using durable and attractive vandal-, corrosion- and theft-resistant 12-gauge, 316L-stainless-steel, lockable restroom dispensers and accessories. Toilet paper, paper towel, toilet seat covers and mirrors are all covered by a lifetime functional warranty.

VandalStop Products: 530-894-7867

Camp Site Equipment

The new Pilot Rock Park Equipment catalog highlights the company's commercial-quality outdoor park, campground and street site equipment. Manufactured by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Company since 1959, the Pilot Rock brand of equipment includes park grills, campfire rings, picnic tables, park and street benches, trash and recycling receptacle holders and lids, lantern holders, bike racks, and more. Model variations include wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and campfire rings. Picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles are also available with 100-percent recycled plastic lumber.

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.: 800-762-5002

Water Worlds

With spectacular photos, bright colors and exciting shapes and showers, the Waterplay® product catalog reflects the quality in every product. As originators of the Splashpad concept, Waterplay® has turned hundreds of flat concrete slabs into inspiring three-dimensional water worlds. With 16 years of experience creating innovative products, Waterplay® can assist you with the development of your Splashpad.

Waterplay Manufacturing Inc.: 250-493-1693

Playground Equipment

Are you looking for a playground you can trust will meet your needs and be fun for kids? Then look into Playworld Systems®. Whether rising high in the air with SkyTowers®, extending low to the ground with GroundZero® or keeping vandalism in check with the durable CityScapes®, the innovative playgrounds from Playworld Systems® provide what you're looking for.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Action Park Equipment

Take your park to the next level with the ramps and rails field-tested by the pros at Woodward® Camp. Using high-quality material, such as the exclusive Triple-Layer Surfacing, Woodward® ramps and rails provide an outstanding experience for bladers, bikers and boarders.

Huna Designs: 800-430-7407

Outdoor Products

Belson Outdoors offers thousands of products including a large variety of park and recreation equipment and a complete line of barbecue grills. Products include picnic tables, benches, bleachers, bike racks, trash receptacles, café tables, planters, park grills, fire rings, concession equipment, barbecue grills, rotisseries, attachments and more. Choose from a variety of materials including wood, aluminum, recycled plastic, powder-coated steel, concrete, plastisol and Metal-Armor coated products.

Belson Outdoors, Inc.: 800-323-5664