Big Batting Cage

VPI now offers the Big Bubba Professional Portable Batting Cage. The Big Bubba is the premium choice for high school, collegiate and professional baseball programs at considerable cost savings. The heavy-duty aluminum construction, easy portability and collapsible design make it the perfect backstop for any level. It measures 18 feet wide by 22 feet deep by 12 feet high and collapses to only 5 feet high to limit storage space requirements. Sixteen-inch pneumatic wheels make relocation simple. Forty-two feet of ricochet cushion minimizes ball rebound. Use the coaches' observation bar for safe elevated viewing.

Vantage Products International: 800-244-4457

Freeze-Proof Fountains

Haws Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of drinking fountains, offers its innovative new freeze-proof valve for pedestal fountains. The Model 6519FR valve allows you to keep pedestal fountains operating during freezing conditions, regardless of water table circumstance. An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Haws designs, manufactures and distributes drinking fountains and emergency equipment, setting a standard for innovation, practicality and value.

Haws Corporation: 888-640-4297

Roller Riders

SkateWave, a division of Landscape Structures Inc., offers its new 14-foot Roller Rail, a curved steel rail that allows skateboarders and BMXers to ride directly onto obstacles. Roller Rails can be used individually or in succession to create a roller-coaster effect for any level rider. Advanced riders can use the obstacle to generate speed or to ride up on one side of the slope and soar over backside. Beginners will enjoy the Roller Rail because they don't have to leave the ground to get onto the obstacle, allowing them to develop balance and technique before progressing to more difficult maneuvers.

SkateWave: 866-758-9283

Clay-Like Play

Fast-dry and clay tennis courts are messy to play on, expensive and time-consuming to maintain, with constant need for watering, brushing, rolling and other daily maintenance. As an alternative, California Products Corporation offers the Classic Clay® surface. Allowing for more sustainable use, Classic Clay® courts replicate the slide characteristics and feel of clay without the maintenance, high water requirement and mess. In fact, they require no watering, compared to some fast-dry courts that need nearly 1,000 gallons per day. Classic Clay® also offers consistent ball bounce, better foot traction, adjustable slide and speed of play, and maximum cushion comfort.

California Products Corporation: 800-225-1141

Hop to It

Grasshopper Company's PowerFoldTM deck for 52- and 61-inch 34 Series FrontMowerTM Decks offers effortless deck lifting combined with easy electric height adjustment. The exclusive patent-pending, dual-purpose design allows single-switch control of both cutting height and deck lift functions. It allows selection of an infinite range of cutting heights between 1 and 5 inches, without leaving the operator's seat. Simplifying underside access for cleaning, maintenance and blade replacement or sharpening, the switch rotates deck upright and latches automatically. It also creates a shorter overall length for easy trailering and transport. The deck is available as a factory-installed option.

Grasshopper Company: 620-345-8621

Touch-Free Fixtures

The AutoFlush Clamp by Technical Concepts, a global leader in touch-free restroom fixtures and automatic hygiene systems, was chosen by Building magazine as an Editor's Choice-Top Product Pick for 2003. This automatic flushing device can be installed in less than one minute over an existing toilet or urinal handle, providing a touch-free system that ensures flushing after every use, eliminates odors and prevents cross-contamination. Powered by batteries that last up to three years, the unit carries an impressive 10-year extended warranty.

Technical Concepts: 847-837-4100

Save a Life

In the event of an emergency, having access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can mean life or death. When every second counts, an AED unit should be easily accessible. To ensure easy access, Safety Technology International, Inc. offers its competitively priced AED Damage Stopper® (STI-7521), a clear polycarbonate enclosure to house AED units. Unlike metal boxes, the STI enclosures make AED units highly visible. Wall mounting allows these vandal-resistant enclosures to be stored in a central location, and a thumb lock (key lock available) provides easy access. They're backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use.

Safety Technology Intl Inc.: 800-888-4784

Change for Less

Standard Change-Makers, Inc., a leading manufacturer of currency change machines, offers its Modular Series Changers, featuring new Smart HopperTM technology. This new product line, with the series designation "MC," provides a low-cost solution that maintains Standard Change-Makers' quality construction and security features. Available in a variety of front- and rear-load machines, the units come standard with Pyramid Technologies© (APEX 5000 Series) Bill Acceptors. The Smart HopperTM technology allows advanced interfacing capabilities between the Coin Hopper and all MDB bill acceptors. The Modular Hopper can be programmed in the field without the use of any additional hand-held or interfacing equipment.

Standard Change-Makers, Inc.: 800-968-6955