Pool Renewal

The affordable, self-priming Watercannon 1 is for system supervised commercial pools, 35 feet and larger. It benefits your water through aeration by recirculating existing water, replenishing needed fresh oxygen, and eliminating bacteria, algae and virus threats. Create fun, healthy and refreshing waterfalls while controllably reducing your uncomfortably warm water temperatures, especially during hot summer months (day or evening). You'll also bring life and natural refreshment to your pool and use fewer chemicals. The units plug into a 115-volt, 15-amp outlet and come with a 25-foot safety cord, portable g.f.c.i. three-wire outlet adapter, safety intake, adjustable nozzles and elbows.

Living Waters Aeration: 386-326-9315

Be Like Mike

After more than 80 years manufacturing basketball equipment, Gared Sports applied its experience to design and build an in-ground residential basketball unit that provides the same professional quality enjoyed by NBA players since the 1985 season. The Gared Pro Series offers four styles featuring fixed and adjustable height systems, institutional breakaway goals, fitted pole pad for added safety and player protection, steel-frame acrylic backboard and board padding, and more. Designed for superior play, it incorporates a simple design that's easy to install and operate. The innovative bolt to ground pole system allows users to move the unit if necessary.

Gared Sports: 800-325-2682

Welcome Boys and Girls

Preschoolers offer a huge market opportunity, and there aren't many attractions designed for them. The Big Top by Leisure Activities is a great attraction for little ones 4 years old and younger. Just like the circus, this Big Top is full of activity. After tackling the giant elephant slide, kids can move onto games of pin the tail on the donkey or to their own individual bouncer. The unit comes in sizes of 19 feet by 22 feet or 19 feet by 17 feet. A sunscreen top is optional.

Leisure Activities: 800-265-0829