One-Piece Groomer

The Fieldmaster Infield Groomer has the ability to scarify, level, roll and brush with one piece of equipment, saving valuable time and effort. The Fieldmaster has been used in every state, the College World Series, the National Baseball Congress, Girls' World Series Park and the 1996 Olympics. Many people try it and never use anything else.

Fieldmaster Infield Groomer: 800-728-3581

Three Wheeler

Broyhill offers one of the first all-wheel-drive, three-wheel mini utility vehicle (MUV): the Highlander Sport MUV. The Highlander can be customized to fit your needs and comes standard with a low-profile fiberglass body, ergonomic seat with engine switch and exclusive wrap-around rear-hinged cargo box for operator accessibility while seated. Mid and real hydraulic lifts accommodate a variety of attachments.

Broyhill: 800-228-1003

Clean Team

The Harley Power Box Rake® grades, levels and conditions soil for screening or seeding. The units come in either 4-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot sizes that attach to skid steers or 5-, 6-, and 8-foot sizes that hook up to tractors. The Cherrington Screener/Cleaner screens infields, ball diamonds, new athletic field construction, equestrian centers and other landscaping projects. It removes objects in diameters from 1/2-inch to 4 inches, while screening a 36-inch-wide swath and digging up to 3 inches in depth. Team the Harley Power Box Rake® and the Cherrington Screener/Cleaner to quickly landscape athletic fields or groom ball diamonds.

Glenmac, Inc.: 800-437-9779

Seed Machine

The SE-60 Seeda-Vator has the flexibility of primary seeding or overseeding with the same machine. Using patented vibrating tines, it creates a superior seedbed by extensively fracturing the soil without destroying the existing turf. The SE-60 comes with an innovative swing hitch that allows the operator to turn around objects without tearing the established turf. The Seeda-Vator comes is available with either a ground-driven or electric-drive seed hopper.

First Products, Inc.: 800-363-8780

Mower Aerator

Walker Manufacturing offers the PerfaeratorTM, the first aerator attachment designed for the Walker Mower. In conjunction with Rock Solid, manufacturer of the PlugrTM Turf Aerator, the PerfaeratorTM design delivers a 41-1/2-inch path and uses the same PlugrTM camshaft design for driving tines 2-1/2 inches deep into the soil with no added weight needed. The PTO-driven tines engage and disengage easily to skip over sprinkler heads and sidewalks without slowing down. The 12-tine set is also easily raised with a lever and locked in a secure transport position. Operators enjoy ease-of-use along with increased productivity over conventional walk-behind aerators.

Walker Manufacturing Company: 800-279-8537

Power Mower

Commercial cutters need a mower with superior power, maneuverability, traction and cut quality in any mowing condition. The John Deere 1600 Turbo Wide-Area Mower provides that and more. Powered by a 64-horsepower, turbo-charged Yanmar diesel engine with high torque, the 1600 offers plenty of power for tough conditions. With a cutting width of almost 11 feet, it accommodates three commercial, 7-gauge mower decks—one 62-inch center-mower deck and two 42-inch wing decks. All daily service points are on the left side of the machine for quick routine maintenance. In addition, all John Deere commercial equipment includes a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

John Deere & Company: 800-537-8233

Permanent Marking

With PermaLine, there's no more painting or chalking athletic field lines. Plus, you'll save money and time and avoid crooked lines. PermaLine is a patented permanent marking system for natural grass athletic fields. A five-year warranty covers premature wear/UV with an expected life span of 10 to 15 years. Before spending another nickel on paint, chalk or a marking machine, find out how much it would save by using PermaLine. Average payback time for baseball foul lines is under one year. PermaLine is available for most field sports.

PermaLine: 541-369-3432

Slope Mower

Hustler Turf Equipment offers the new Hustler ATZTM for slopes. This all-terrain z-rider features certified two-post ROPS with four-post roll cage for operator security. White RC 26 wheel motors provide high torque power at low pressures. Higher torque provides more usable horsepower for slope performance, while lower pressures improve pump and motor life. A deluxe suspension seat with seat belt adds to security, and added weight and a wide stance improve traction and balance. The 87-inch length improves performance while backing up uphill. Carlisle AT101 ATV bar-tread tires increase traction and performance. A hydraulic oil cooler extends system life.

Hustler Turf Equipment: 800-395-4757