Right Raft

Zebec, a worldwide manufacturer of water sports products, offers the new Zebec Round Family Waterpark Raft. This raft is designed for large or small flume rides and is available in multiple sizes and configurations. Made in the United States with heat-welded seam construction, it carries a full lifetime warranty on all air-holding seams. Special XL-30 Wear Protection provides superior abrasion resistance. Zebec's full range of waterpark products includes tubes, inline rafts, foam mats, head-first racer mats, water trampolines and waterproof waist bags.

Zebec of North America, Inc.: 513-829-5533

Fountain Fun

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. now offers a complete line of outdoor splash play products. The Play Tower 1 (featured in yellow) and the Play Tower 3 complete the new Play Tower line. A metered valve can be set to run from 15 seconds to five minutes. Each Play Tower provides a distinctive distribution of water, including a circle waterfall, gentle spray and a strong spout. By combining these units, you can create a safe splash play park. Individually, these products offer a "cool-off" station to any park, playground or amusement area. Nine free powder-coated colors are available.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331

Body Buoy

The AquaJogger Jr. Belt supports a child's body in the water and helps maintain correct body positioning along the surface of the water. Fastening securely around the waist with a side-release buckle, the AquaJogger Jr. allows a child to have full range of motion with arms and legs. It is designed of soft, durable, closed-cell foam and does not absorb water nor deflate. Each belt comes with an adjustable 32-inch nylon belt. Choose from blue or purple.

Excel Sports Science, Inc.: 800-922-9544

On Deck

Environmental Coating Systems manufactures several products for pool decks that are nonskid, cooler than concrete, nontoxic and impervious to pool chemicals. The long-lasting, easy-to-apply and easy-to-maintain tough coatings are available in an array of colors, patterns and decorative finishes to suit your individual needs. All products are made from the highest quality water-based acrylic resins to withstand all types of weather conditions, from freezing cold to tropical heat. The coatings can also be used to waterproof aboveground balconies, rooftop decks and walkways, and on-grade surfaces such as driveways and sports courts.

Environmental Coating Systems, Inc.: 800-255-3325

Sensible Solar

Harter Industries offers Hi-Tec, Hi-Temp and Twin-Tube solar heating systems designed to meet the needs of community pools, aquatics and waterparks. All three solar collectors feature a low-flow resistance design that allows smaller pipe sizes and reduces pump horsepower, lowering installation and operating costs. Hi-Tec panels have molded headers and tube-on-fin absorbers for low maintenance and high efficiency. You can install Hi-Temp collectors up to 100 feet long on a flat roof or on the ground to eliminate supporting racks. Twin Tube allows you to convert pool decks or tennis courts into pool-heating solar collectors.

Harter Industries, Inc.: 800-566-7770

Pool Product Catalog

A trusted source for more than 20 years, Recreation Supply Company offers its 2004 catalog, packed with everything you need for your waterpark, commercial swimming pool and aquatic programs. Look for it in your mailbox in early March 2004. The 144 full-color pages showcase rescue equipment, fitness gear, pumps and filters, deck equipment, and more.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Draining Work

Eureka Manufacturing Company offers complete, made-to-order suction niches and main drains to facilitate smooth installation and to help meet the recirculation requirements of swimming pools and specialty water features. The suction niches, main drains and anti-vortex plates not only ensure bather safety, they also install easily and precisely, saving contractors labor in the field.

Eureka Manufacturing Company: 800-472-1712

In a Vacuum

Recreonics portable vacuum filters feature a durable stainless-steel cartridge filter, thermal plastic pump, waterproof switch and prewired GFI protector, 1.5-inch suction and discharge connections, and 50-foot electrical cord. It all comes mounted on a stainless-steel cart with heavy-duty rubber wheels. Two models are available: 1-horsepower pump with a 105-square-foot filter, which filters more than 5,525 gallons per hour, and a 2-horsepower pump with a 155-square-foot filter, able to filter more than 8,000 gallons per hour.

Recreonics, Inc.: 800-428-3254