Bright Start

The colors on Kiefer's patented (US D464,700/1 S) thermoplastic starting platform block tops are integrated throughout the unit, rather than painted. Choose from a wide selection of bright, lasting colors to complement your team or facility. A nonslip pattern that never wears off is molded into both the top and the steps. Leg sets can be ordered either electro-polished or in powder-coated stainless steel, which also comes in several colors. The starting blocks conform to regulations for both long- and short-course competitions for U.S. swimming, NCAA, FINA and NFHS.

Adolph Kiefer: 800-323-4071

Need a Lift

The Portable Aquatic Lift (PAL) is one of the first technological breakthroughs in aquatic access in decades. It is a completely portable, battery-operated lift that enables users to quickly and easily access any pool or spa. The portable lift can be stored away from the poolside when not in use and quickly retrieved when needed. Multi-pool facilities can roll the lift to any location to provide safe transfers and easy pool access. The unit's 24-bolt battery ensures reliably consistent operation.

RMT Aquatics: 800-577-4424

50 Years and Counting

In 2004 Lincoln Aquatics celebrates its 50th anniversary serving the commercial swimming pool market. Lincoln's new, 152-page catalog contains one of the most comprehensive selections of high-quality swimming pool equipment and aquatic supplies available. The catalog is organized into an easy-to-use format that helps you locate the products you need.

Lincoln Aquatics: 800-228-5450

Clean Machine

One of the best commercial robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin 2x2 thoroughly cleans the floor of Olympic-size pools in under three hours. This top-of-the-line cleaner sports a host of great new features for 2004, including a new COP microprocessor with Flash technology, a cord swivel to eliminate cable-twisting, increased cleaning programmability and a new brushless impeller motor. The unit's climbing tracks have been replaced with unstretchable Kevlar-reinforced timing belts, and its power supply, wireless remote and handle have all been upgraded.

SmartPool, Inc.: 416-487-4342

Chemical Analysis

The Palintest range of commercial-grade pool and spa water analysis instruments are effective for use by all personnel involved in the maintenance and correct sanitation of aquatic facilities. The Pooltest 9 can test alkalinity, pH, chlorine (free and total), cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, ozone and copper. No liquids are used, and the test reagents have an indefinite shelf life. No more titrations, no counting drops, and each user achieves the same high-resolution and precise and accurate results necessary for safe and efficient pool and spa maintenance. PPOA has assessed the instruments and acknowledges their excellence.

Palintest USA: 800-835-9629

Quarter-Century of Quality

Now in its 25th year, Amusement Leisure Worldwide is one of the world's leading designers and suppliers of comprehensive waterpark, theme park and recreational products. In 2002, ALW acquired WaterFun Products, an internationally recognized creator of the patented SidewinderTM , StealthTM and MaelstomTM water slides. ALW's mission is to maintain its position as the world's leading designer and supplier of wet and dry theme parks by providing exceptional products, high quality and superior customer service at a competitive price. ALW builds enduring relationships with customers and suppliers and shares in their successes by continually exceeding their expectations.

Amusement Leisure Worldwide: 403-244-2202

Interactive Fountains

Since 1996, Waterworks International has been designing and building cost-effective, high-tech interactive fountains in a variety of exciting splash play areas for youngsters of all ages. The Jumping Jets, Jumping Jewels, Pop Jets and Tower Fountains are easily installed anywhere. Components are designed to be easily removed for winter storage or winterized in place. The SplashZoneTM leaves no standing water, requires no lifeguards and no bathhouse, and offers low maintenance and easy operation. SplashZoneTM is a cost-effective way for park districts to give their guests a fun splash play experience in many parks.

Waterworks International: 800-932-3123

Solar Solutions

Heliocol, one of the world's largest solar pool collector manufacturers, features a patented individual tube design that eliminates wind load, hoses and straps. Each tube has its own opening united seamlessly to the overmolded header. This design allows for full flow and reduces wear on the solar and filtration systems. Easy to install and attractive, the system is effective in both commercial and residential applications and comes with a 12-year parts and labor warranty, as well as complete technical and marketing support for dealers.

Heliocol/UMA: 800-797-6527