Automatic Pool Cleaner

Brock is proud to add the WEDA Automatic Pool Cleaners to its line of high-quality products. The first Commercial Cleaner that is made powerful, rugged, reliable and guaranteed to clean the largest of swimming pools. It's made with cast aluminum pumps, drive units and frames and cast chromium alloy pump impellers filtering up to 19,000 GPH water volume.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360

Drowning Detection

Poseidon Technologies, Inc. provides a benchmark for computer-aided drowning-detection systems. The Poseidon system helps overcome traditional problems of pool supervision, such as seeing through surface reflections and glare, maintaining concentration spans, and the impossible task of monitoring all swimmers simultaneously. The system monitors swimmers and identifies suspicious situations, such as a person who is motionless beneath the surface. It then alerts lifeguards via waterproof beepers, allowing rapid and accurate detection of swimmers in trouble and increasing the chances of saving a life and decreasing the likelihood that a person will suffer long-term damage as a result of any incident.

Poseidon Technologies, Inc.: 866-342-0980

A Robot's Work

The Pool Invention People at Water Tech offer the new, professional version of one of the fastest pool cleaners ever made, the Blue DiamondTM Pro. This robotic cleaner cleans up to 25 feet by 75 feet spotless in four hours or less, using the patented Aqua SmartTM system to automatically change cleaning direction. An infra-red obstacle detection system and a remote-control device are effective for quick spot cleaning. It operates independently of filter systems, has an air sensor for beach-entry pools and ramps, and can switch from "floor only" to "floor/wall" mode. A caddy cart allows easy handling.

Water Tech, Inc.: 800-298-8800, ext. 141

Dumping Fun

The Super Splash delights children of all ages with 60 gallons of dumping fun. This 17-foot stainless-steel structure features a giant high-density fiberglass Super Splash bucket that tips onto a sloped roof to create a cascading curtain of aquatic excitement. It's effective for any SplashpadTM , pool or waterpark environment. The SplashpadTM is a fully automated, interactive play area that has redefined the term "aquatic play." Vortex takes fun to a whole new level by looking at the world of play from the child's perspective.

Vortex Aquatic Structure International: 877-586-7839

Thorough Filter

USFilter's Hi-Rate permanent media filtration systems are designed to establish higher standards for the commercial recreational water industry. These standards are associated with equipment efficiency, energy savings, water quality, and ease of installation and operation. Features on the media filtration systems include automated filter and water-chemistry control systems, water-quality control monitoring and data logging, provisions for remote operation, onboard energy management systems, and backwash using clean, filtered water.

USFilter Stranco Products: 800-809-0971

Top Tables

Carter Grandle offers a classic new tabletop style. This wonderful alternative to glass, originated by Carter Grandle, was initially introduced as a "full pattern." It is now complemented by a pattern suggesting the look of a beautiful linen tablecloth that has been gracefully placed over the table's top. Available in 12 different frame colors, this innovative tabletop is sure to fit beautifully into any comfortable, yet classic setting.

Carter Grandle: 941-751-1000

Pool Lift

The Pro Pool LiftTM 24V Battery is one of the most technically advanced, ADA-compliant pool lifts available on the market today. Quality stainless-steel construction, UV-resistant powder-coat finish and a compact design make the Pro Pool LiftTM 24V Battery a great choice for those users who are looking for consistent performance with minimal deck presence. The unit does not intrude into the pool when not in use and is quiet and efficient with a lifting capacity of 400 pounds.

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552

Lifeguard Station

The new Griff's Guard Station® by Paragon Aquatics is designed to significantly increase lifeguard effectiveness and water safety. It was evolved from the influential Five Minute Scanning Strategy© developed by one of America's leading lifeguard researchers, Tom Griffiths, Ed.D., aquatics director and safety officer at Penn State University. The innovative new station has proven to decrease boredom while increasing attention and concentration necessary for the safety of both swimmers and lifeguards. It features a front-entry elevated viewing station, easy access and nonskid surface. A wide front step provides an additional station and brings guards closer to the pool's edge.

Paragon Aquatics: 845-452-5500