Water Gear

Aquam Aquatic Specialist Inc. is a leader in the distribution and manufacture of commercial-grade pool equipment. The company's institutional clientele consists of aquatic and facility directors at municipal public schools, YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs, military bases, schools, swim teams and other recreation locations. Aquam provides the aquatic market with personable and knowledgeable customer service as well as quality products in a range of categories including recreation, safety and rescue, training and aquatic fitness, maintenance, deck equipment, facility equipment, and storage equipment. Aquam designs and creates innovative products to achieve its goal of a safe and fun aquatic environment for everyone.

Aquam Aquatic Specialist Inc.: 877-766-5872

Fun Factor

Aquatic Recreation Company specializes in the fun factor of water play, with product designs that allow patrons to interact with structures and with the creation of big water. ARC's vision is to create aesthetic designs for an aquatic area and bring years of play value. ARC is one of the only manufacturers that creates its product line from either fiberglass or stainless-steel materials and offers high- and low-water flow options to aid in age-appropriate water play and meet available flow rates of the aquatic design.

Aquatic Recreation Company: 877-632-0503

Totally Certified

The Accu-Tab PowerBase AT chlorination system for commercial swimming pools now has NSF International certification for the entire unit. The compact, patented system is made for use with Accu-Tab Blue and Accu-Tab Blue SI calcium-hypochlorite tablets by PPG Industries. The certification means that the entire system, not just certain components, has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by NSF. Very few systems can make this total certification guarantee. The system also provides the advantage of having a small footprint measuring only 20 inches by 29 inches (36 inches with piping) and still can handle pools up to 1 million gallons.

PPG Industries: 800-245-2974

It's a Jungle

Using its internationally recognized theming capabilities, KoalaPlay Group has designed an interactive jungle-themed pool area featuring an enormous, 16-foot gorilla attraction, weighing in at 2,500 pounds. This custom-made gorilla will be holding a slide, created by Splashtacular, Inc., themed as a snake. Also included in this pool area will be a jungle fort-themed splash play attraction with many fun and innovative water interactives, as well as two life-sized water blasters, one themed as an elephant, and the other themed as a rhinoceros.

KoalaPlay Group: 888-733-3456

Chlorine Control

Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers offers its new Smart pHTM controller, a water-quality management system designed specifically for pools and spas. The unit measures pool and spa water pH and adjusts chemistry to avoid the highs and lows that cause annoying eye irritation and cloudy water. The Smart pHTM reduces the chlorine sanitation consumption required to keep the water in balance, and it will protect the pump room from unnecessary corrosion caused by the fumes of out-of-balance water chemistry. The Smart pHTM is a residential controller made with commercial-grade components to give long-lasting value to aquatic facilities.

Acu-Trol: 800-273-4667

Aquatic Products

Spectrum Aquatics® has what you're looking for in materials used in the construction and operation of your commercial aquatic facility. Spectrum's 2004 aquatics catalog features everything including goggles, safety and rescue equipment, deck equipment, training and conditioning equipment, and ADA-compliant pool lifts.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-776-5309

Waterproof Water Tester

Hanna Instruments offers the waterproof pHep® 4 pH tester, effective for easy and precise poolside pH readings. The new pHep® 4 has a dual-level LCD that simultaneously displays pH and temperature. This tester is designed to be easy to maintain with a replaceable pH electrode featuring an extendable junction, a rugged floating waterproof case and automatic calibration. The unit also features a stability indicator and hold feature for easy and accurate recording.

Hanna Instruments USA: 888-426-6222

Reliable Readings

The Chemtrol® PC5000 programmable controller features an innovative solid-state PPM Sensor that gives easy-to-use, direct and reliable readings of Free Chlorine (HOCL) Concentration in water. This advanced controller introduces a high standard of sophistication in automated water treatment for a range of applications including swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and industrial water treatment. Unlike conventional amperometric sensors, this sensor is simple to install and operate because it does not require expensive reagents of special flow cells and is compatible with cyanuric acid at all concentrations. It can also be retrofitted on existing Chemtrol® PC3000 and PC6000 controllers.

Chemtrol: 800-621-2279