Heavy-Duty Sunscreen

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen features a bonding-based formula, which interlocks with the skin, allowing it to stay on better and last longer. It is especially effective for the active user because it won't clog pores and will allow the skin to breathe and sweat. Bonding base sunscreens work great in water, offering superior protection while swimming or sweating profusely. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is greaseless, waterproof, PABA-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Fortified with aloe and vitamins, it is formulated as a daily moisturizer and is safe for daily use on the face and under women's makeup.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen: 303-940-9803

Pool Plans

Water Technology, Inc. is a leading aquatic planning, design and engineering firm. Founded in 1983, the company has been involved in some of the world's foremost competitive and leisure facilities. Projects include outdoor and indoor waterparks (both commercial and private), resort and hotel pools, family aquatic centers, water playgrounds, clubs and community developments, competition pools, YMCA/YWCA pools, therapy pools, and specialized aquatic features. Professional services include master planning, facility evaluations, concept design, feasibility studies, full design services, construction administration, project commissioning, theming, furnishing and sign plans, operations and staff training, marketing and public relations, and community education and consensus building.

Water Technology, Inc.: 800-538-8207

Star Slides

SR Smith, a world leader in swimming pool deck accessories, offers the new Big DipperTM pool slide, a perfect slide for commercial pools. This exciting new slide is constructed from a four-piece, heavy-duty, rotomolded polyethylene material that is as durable as it is attractive. The Big DipperTM is available now in a cream color and with right- or left-curve exit. A self-contained water lubrication system means thrill-seekers get a fun ride without any unsightly plumbing hookups. The slide has a 4-foot-by-10-foot deck footprint, assembles in less than an hour, and can be mounted into the deck or on-deck.

SR Smith: 800-824-4387

Swim Fins

After three years in development, Zura Sports has launched the Alpha Swim Fins. The innovative design provides a better fit and function than many other fins on the market. Zura's research established that by positioning the blade on top of the foot instead of underneath the foot, swimmers emphasize the forward thrust of the leg. According to this research, swim fins have been upside-down. Alpha Fins are made of injection-molded EVA foam and are extremely light and comfortable. The buoyancy of the fin is critical in forcing swimmers to work the down kick.

Zura Sports, Inc.: 800-890-3009

Fenced in for Fun

Water FenceTM is an innovative series of components that gives you the ability to easily create your own custom interactive aquatic play environments. You can choose from four standard designs such as Happy HopscotchTM , which emulates the play patterns of the traditional children's game, or you can create your own fun designs. The Water OdysseyTM Dynamic Sequencing Controller, with its easy-to-use WaterscriptTM software, gives you unlimited design options. Water FenceTM is available in both standard and water-conserving versions.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Pool Command Control

Eliminate the expense and mess of wires, pipes and tubing throughout your filter room with the Neptune-Benson Command Center. This wall-mounted, integrated control panel, now in a Nema 4 fiberglass enclosure, features a high-voltage disconnect switch, lockable electronics compartment and a separately sealed compartment for wetted components. The 2004 model also features bottom-mounted tubing with quick disconnect fittings and electrical devices, prewired and energized with a single high-voltage line. Each unit includes an isometric schematic customized for every job with pipe and valve schedules. The Command Center puts complete control of your pool at your fingertips.

Neptune-Benson, Inc.: 800-832-8002

Water Logged

The Log, by Fun Water Products, is a fun and safe, yet challenging modern version of the classic lumberjack log roll. Patented, the Log combines state-of-the-art materials with ingenious design, keeping all the energy, skill and fun of log-rolling. Now, all ages can enjoy the Log. You can buy the Log for physical fitness and skills development, but users will also find that the only thing more fun than trying to stay on the Log is falling off of it.

Fun Water Products: 800-766-2236

Continuous Clean

BioLab Commercial Water offers the new and innovative Continuous Cleaning Probe System. The system changes the way commercial facilities think about probe cleaning issues. Maintenance is easier, and controller readings are more accurate. This newly developed technology cleans Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) probes constantly, eliminating the need to develop an oxidative film between cleanings, which can lead to costly downtime and wasteful usage of sanitizing chemicals. This system is the answer to most probe-fouling problems in higher bather loads and in stabilized swimming pools containing cyanuric acid.

BioLab Commercial Water: 800-507-7531