Steely Grace

DuMor Site Furnishings offers the latest bench in its line of products for the discriminating buyer. Bench 162 is a timeless classic with its graceful arched back and simple all-steel design. The gull-wing cast-iron supports add strength and subtle detailing to the traditional design. Choose from DuMor's variety of finishes and woods to make your site furnishings truly unique. Enhance your site with Bench 162 or any of DuMor's other benches, receptacles, ash urns, picnic tables, planters and bike racks.

DuMor: 800-598-4018

Bike Security

The Saris Bike Bank Plus is an innovative bicycle rack that secures both wheels and the frame as well as offering an integrated storage compartment for any bags and accessories. All of this is done with one user-provided U-lock or padlock. Each Bike Bank Plus features 14-gauge rolled steel construction and a durable powder-coat finish for years of maintenance-free use. In more than 12 years of use, there have been no reported cases of theft related to this rack. Add this rack to your facilities and put your secure bike parking issues to bed.

Graber Products Inc./Saris: 800-783-7257, ext. 130

Sporty Stylings

Achieve the home-field advantage with the attractive and durable football-shaped table from Diversified Metal Fabricators. Choose from many attractive colors for this 4-foot-long table with patented design. Constructed from sturdy and strong materials, it is easy to maintain and can transform your site from blah to blitz. This table will provide a standout design for any sports park and a sporty style to any park.

Diversified Metal Fabricators: 800-356-7248

Lasting Good Looks

The 32-gallon Infinity waste enclosure from Great Lakes Specialty Products has an optional heavy-duty dome top built with Everlasting LumberTM . The internal rings are precision-machined to hold slats firmly in place and fastened with marine-grade hardware. Great Lakes' exclusive dome top has no mechanical parts to wear out or break. Everlasting LumberTM products will not chip, peel, rust or rot and are impervious to water and insects,

Great Lakes Specialty Products: 800-505-7926

Sheltered Seating

Litchfield Landscape Elements introduced the EurbanaTM Transit Shelter at the 2003 NRPA Congress and Expo in St. Louis and at the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo in New Orleans. These durable and elegant shelters offer sheltered seating curbside, with the option of a double-sided display case mounted between the posts.

Litchfield Landscape Elements: 800-542-5282