Street Action

New Stairs from Woodward® Ramps & Rails by Huna Designs® bring street-like elements to action sports parks. Providing skaters with multiple grind levels, Stairs are available in 2-foot, 3-foot and 4-foot heights. Units are 4 feet wide with 6-inch risers. Each tread is 12 inches deep with 4-inch grind edges. Stairs are constructed using a galvanized steel frame and an exclusive triple-layer surface, featuring Skatelite Pro. Also available are 30-inch-high handrails for edges or in between two Stair sets. Field-tested by Woodward Camp pros, the Stairs have a 15-year limited warranty on the structure and five-year limited warranty on surfacing.

Huna Designs: 800-233-8404

Blow-up Movies

Blimpsign inflatable systems make outdoor screens easy, safe and affordable. Outdoor projection screens are not always reliable in bad weather, but the worst that can happen with a Blimpsign system is that it crumples without damaging anything or anyone nearby. The screens come in various sizes, are easy to transport, and can be set up and packed up in less than 20 minutes. The most popular 18-foot-by-24-foot size is useful for outdoor concert events, summer movies in the park, outdoor video dances, or even slide or laser show projection. The Baby Blimp is effective for 50 to 60 viewers.

Blimpsign: 818-557-0903

Revolutionary Playgrounds

Dynamo has been pioneering these unique playground games for more than 15 years. Nothing like traditional styles, our new designs are revolutionizing each playground of which they are a part. These dynamic games incorporate elements of movement, balance, exercise and teamwork while exceeding the requirements of today's heightened safety concerns.

Dynamo Playgrounds: 800-790-0034

Safer Cleaner

Certol International has created the new Ultra-SolvTM multipurpose, environmentally friendly, super-safe cleaner to replace the use of hazardous chlorinated or aliphatic solvents, harsh alkalis acids, and other toxic chemicals. Ultra-SolvTM removes grease, oil, soil, stains and uncured paint from concrete, metal and other surfaces. It's safe enough to use by hand-wiping or with pressure-washing or heavy-duty floor scrubbing. It's an effective, nontoxic, safe product for service professionals and maintenance personnel to keep on hand, ensuring machinery, walls and floor surfaces always work and look their best.

Certol International: 800-843-3343

Fabulous Fabricating

Par-Kut International, Inc. celebrates 50 years of fabricating high-quality portable steel buildings for all industries. Customers rely on Par-Kut's expertise in designing and producing buildings that fit their style, budget and schedule. Typical uses include campground contact stations, dockmaster offices, ticket boots, guardhouses, Sally port checkpoint shelters, smoker shelters and various types of attendant shelters. Also available are a variety of accessory options as well as ADA-compliant designs, built-in restrooms, trailers, stands, towers and bullet-resistant enclosures. Standard units include durable long-lasting galvanized steel construction throughout, factory-installed UL-certified electrical systems, state building code compliance labeling where applicable and a replacement-parts-program.

Par-Kut International, Inc.: 800-394-6599

Ribbed and Rolled

In response to the popularity of Harbinger's Rolled DurafoamTM mat among yoga and Pilates instructors, Harbinger has created the new Ribbed, Rolled DurafoamTM mat, which features extra padding and a ribbed underside. Great for stretching, floor exercises, yoga and Pilates, the new mat measures 24 inches wide by 72 inches long. It features exclusive 5/8-inch thick closed cell Durafoam to help make floor workouts more comfortable and easier on the spine, knees and elbows. The mat's nonslip surface is moisture-resistant and easy to clean, and nonskid ridges on the underside of the mat grip the floor to prevent slipping.

Harbinger: 800-729-5954

Milestone for a Mower

In 1964, Excel Industries, Inc. introduced one of the very first true, zero-degree-turning lawnmower, the Hustler®. The first Hustler® featured counter-rotating drive wheels that produced the zero-degree-turning radius; lever steering that controlled speed, turns and braking with simple hand control; an out-front 36-inch mowing deck; and a deck that was off-set slightly for improved trimming. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mower's invention, Hustler is planning a number of activities and events in 2004. In the 40 years since its invention, Hustler has become known for durable, productive, innovative turf-care equipment for industrial, commercial and home applications.

Excel Industries/Hustler Turf Equipment: 800-395-4757

Entertain the Idea

BroadcastVision Inc., a leading provider of fitness entertainment, offers the new Orbit, a state-of-the-art cardio entertainment interface product. The Orbit series controller and receivers are mounted to cardio exercise equipment and allow exercisers to plug in their headphones and listen to audio programs from their individual cardio exercise LCD screens or from wall-mounted televisions. BroadcastVision hired award-winning BMW Group Designworks USA to design Orbit. Designworks USA is the independent design studio for prestigious automotive and motorcycle manufacturer BMW.

BroadcastVision Inc.: 800-770-9770