Without Bounds

Gared Sports offers an extensive line of outdoor basketball units. You can choose from pre-set packages or create your own by selecting from a suggested list of boards, posts and goals. Boards include aluminum, steel and fiberglass, fan or rectangular shape, and either gooseneck or adjustable-arm posts. Goals available on the outdoor systems include institutional, park and recreation super goals, playground or outdoor breakaway goals. Gared Sports' pre-set packages make the selection process easy for you. The already-made outdoor board, goal and pole sets offer the same variety of boards, goals and post sets in either gooseneck or adjustable-arm pole.

Gared Sports: 800-325-2682

Shatter Safety

Performance Sports Systems offers the ClearDefense® Glass Retention System, an innovative application that greatly reduces dangerous showers of glass typical when backboards shatter. Protect your facility from liability while safeguarding your players, cheerleaders, fans, coaches and officials from potential injury caused by falling glass. ClearDefense® may not stop glass backboards from breaking, but it does retain the glass that usually rains down on the court. The system is available on any regulation size backboard, factory or field-installed, using ClearDefense's Cold LaminationTM processing equipment.

Performance Sports Systems: 800-848-8034

Hi-Tech Goals

Official soccer goals from Aluminum Athletic Equipment are engineered from hi-tech aluminum alloys for maximum durability. The main frame and side stays are both fabricated from slotted heavy-wall aluminum extrusion with rounded safety corners. The goal mouth features a white powder-coated finish for minimal maintenance, while the crossbar and groundbar each incorporate a one-piece design (no horizontal joints) for added stability. The slotted aluminum extrusions on the main frame, side stays and ground bar accept AAE's Net Attachment System, providing continuous, positive net attachment. Goals are available in both portable and semi-permanent models.

Aluminum Athletic Equipment: 800-523-5471

Face Protection

Specifically designed for various sports, the GameFace Sports Safety Mask proactively reduces the chances of facial or dental injuries. It's made of ultra-lightweight and extremely strong polycarbonate, the same material used for bulletproof glass. The innovative honeycomb design gives the strike bar superior strength. Vents provide cooling and visibility, while high-impact adjustable foam pads provide maximum comfort and protection. Choose from medium or large.

GameFace: 800-426-3322

Double Down

The Double First Base by AFP Soft Touch® provides fielders and runners their own bases, reducing collisions at first. AFP uses Stay Down® Convertible ground anchors to fit existing 1-inch stakes or 1-1/2-inch sleeves. This model is available with 12-inch spike mounting to adapt to any field. The doubles also come in sets with the Double First, Second Base and Third Base. Bases are also available in the Soft Touch® Double, which eliminates the need to change any anchor system on your playing field. Made of durable, cut-resistant polyurethane, the bases come with a one-year warranty.

AFP Soft Touch: 866-544-2077

Rough and Ready

Eliminate the cost and hassle of replacing broken basketball backboards, bent rims and leaning poles with the LegendTM Outdoor Goal System from First Team, Inc. Even the roughest play in unsupervised parks and playgrounds will not take its toll on the LegendTM System. The massive 6-inch tubular steel pole system, rectangular steel backboard and heavy-duty double-rim goal all carry an unconditional lifetime warranty.

First Team, Inc.: 800-649-3688

Ground Up

From gymnasiums and athletic clubs to showcase arenas, Schelde North America sets a world standard in sports flooring and floor-mounted athletic equipment. Three world-class products are installed by one source. Sleeve-type volleyball systems set up in less than five minutes by one person; spring-loaded, self-leveling portable basketball goals are set up in seconds, ready to play. Schelde North America offers three lines of premium sports surfaces: HaroTM portable and permanent hardwood sports floors, DD LinoTM multipurpose sports floors, and SpiderTileTM resilient sports floors. Haro and DD Lino flooring meet DIN Standard V18032-2. Sleeve-type tennis and badminton equipment are also available.

Schelde North America: 800-SCHELDE (724-3533)

Hoop Action

The Schutt Sports Slam Series C1000 is an ideal hoop for coaches at every level. Featuring a partially collapsible frame, the C1000 can be stored under the bleachers or in virtually any storage room when not in use. Its 48-inch-by-32-inch acrylic backboard is reinforced with braces to give true ball rebound characteristics. The hoop uses a competition-style breakaway goal and includes mast safety padding available in four colors. Easily adjustable to heights of 6-feet-6-inches to 10 feet, the Schutt Sports C1000 is ideal for camps, practices and drills for all ages.

Schutt Sports: 800-637-2047