Everything in its Place

Basket and gym racks from Dizard offer tough yet economical storage for any facility. Lockers, gym baskets and basket racks are designed as matching pieces, ideal for institutional, commercial and industrial applications. Shelves are numbered with padlock hasps welded to the leading edge and have three security baffles spot-welded to the underside of intermediate shelves and top. Baskets are made of high-density linear polyethylene. The overall size of the rack is 42 inches by 16-3/4 inches by 72 inches. The basket measures 16-3/8 inches by 9-1/2 inches by 9-3/8 inches. They are white with 28 baskets per unit.

Dizard: 800-667-0677

Take it Outside

First Service specializes in providing outdoor athletic equipment to high schools, colleges, military, park and recreation districts, private clubs, and corporate fitness centers nationwide. Look to First Service for some of the best in field sports equipment, protective padding, portable bleachers, scoreboards and multipurpose flooring. You'll receive superior products at competitive pricing with excellent customer service and attention to detail.

First Service: 800-227-1742

Feels Like Spring-Assisted

The HR1000 roll-in backstop incorporates a spring-assist system that allows for easy, one-person setup and take-down. The spring-assist feature requires no maintenance or electricity, making it a cost-effective, easy-to-operate option for schools, athletic clubs, recreational centers and other institutional settings. The unit comes with a Superglas IITM backboard and Ultra-Flex IITM rim. Other product features include a rear-anchor system, which secures the backstop to the floor, as well as non-marking, retractable casters for easy transport.

Hydra-Rib: 800-334-9111

Bleachers to Grow On

UCS Closed Deck Modular Bleachers are designed to grow with you. This easy-to-install bleacher system is designed with future expansion in mind. Sections or rows can be added to increase your seating capacity. Constructed out of aluminum with your choice of electrostatic powder coating or anodized finish, this closed deck system features an aluminum tubular understructure, interlocking aluminum planks and 4-foot-wide stairs with aluminum rails. Platforms or handicapped ramps may be added at any time. The bleachers come in standard or custom sizes in a wide range of colors. They meet all local, national and BOCA codes.

UCS, Inc.: 800-526-4856

Bigger Batting Cage

Beacon's new double-wide outdoor batting cage uses Beacon Ballfields' standard batting cage nets and the same heavy-duty materials as the single outdoor cages. They come in the standard 55-foot and 70-foot lengths or can be customized to your desired length, width or height. Add the optional multistation sock net stations along the side for tee and soft toss work. Beacon will supply all the specifications.

Beacon Ballfields: 800-747-5985