The new Nicros Web site offers several great features, including a gallery of climbing walls, a printable version of the company catalog, a training center, and a video of the available walls and products. You can also view the full line of climbing handholds, which can be bought online at the Nicros store.

Nicros Inc.: 651-778-1975

Acu-Trol's automatic controllers monitor and control the entire pump room from chemicals and temperature to filtration and backwash. They reduce labor and liability, automate DPD tests, eliminate calibration, and give true PPM results with no converting for inspectors. Plus the new combined chloramine control means no more foul-smelling fumes that irritate bathers. It also offers high-speed data/voice modem for 24-hour remote access.

Acu-Trol: 800-273-4667

The new fully redesigned Fun Water Products Web site provides comprehensive information on The Log. The Web site includes an introduction, lake and pool application options, requirements, installation, model descriptions, a photo gallery, customer testimonials, and a downloadable PDF order form. Committed to customer satisfaction, the Fun Water Products staff can help with your needs.

Fun Water Products: 800-766-2236

Brewer's Ledge offers one of the industry's first full lines of fixed, rotating and portable climbing walls. Customers now have a single source for the kind of choices they need to create successful climbing programs. Since 1989, Brewer's Ledge, Inc. has been a pioneer in the climbing industry, providing more than 700 facilities worldwide with climbing systems.

Brewer's Ledge: 800-707-9616

AquaAcidMagic™ from Certol provides the benefits of muriatic acid without the toxic fumes, eliminating dangers of burns and breathing in toxic fumes associated with most acids. This 100-percent biodegradable product is an excellent acid wash and filter cleaner. It's far less corrosive than regular acid and effective for increasing the life of your facility and chemical room.

Certol: 800-843-3343

Conestoga Log Cabins is a premier manufacturer of pre-engineered log cabin kits for rigorous park, campground, resort and outfitter rental applications. Multipurpose buildings for offices, recreation centers, registration and concession buildings are also effective for university campus applications. Straightforward to assemble and at value-added prices, these kits have helped many parks generate substantial revenue, while adding an attractive addition to their facility. The cabins provide superior log construction at a reduced cost when compared to traditional building.

Conestoga Log Cabins: 800-914-4606

Covermaster Inc. is one of North America's leading suppliers of protective gym floor covers and of Covermate™, a preferred mobile installation, removal and storage system. For complete information, including illustrations of material samples, available colors and online videos, visit the Covermaster Web site, one of the world's most comprehensive sites for sports surface covers.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Proud to be celebrating its 56th year serving the park and recreation industry, Belson has lead the industry in service and innovation for more than five decades. From inventing the original Char-Wood® Campstove to setting new industry standards, the name Belson has been synonymous with quality and service. Visit the Web site or call for a free catalog on the following products: picnic tables, benches, bleachers, bike racks, trash receptacles, campstoves, fire rings, wash stations, bus-stop shelters, barbecue grills, smokers, pit grills, rotisseries, corn roasters, pig roasters, mobile trailer grills and much more.

Belson Outdoors, Inc.: 800-323-5664