Unlock Locker Secrets

Comtec Industries, one of the world's largest manufacturers of solid plastic toilet partitions, has added a new locker in its Tufftec locker line. Built to the same exacting standards as other Comtec HDPE products, this improved locker marries the high-engineered tolerance of metal with the flexibility and superior maintenance of solid plastic. This means they are lower in maintenance, rustproof, and resistant to corrosion, mildew, odors, stains and graffiti. Continuous piano hinges deter vandalism and theft, and for maximum security, the latching mechanism runs the entire door length. Lockers can be shipped knocked-down and flat to reduce shipping costs.

Comtec Industries: 800-445-5148

Heavy-Duty Frames

Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding now offers a line of heavy-duty picnic table and bench frames. These steel units are available with either a powder-coat paint finish or hot-dipped galvanized. The rugged coating options withstand the elements and ensure a long life for the picnic table frame. The three-piece steel frame weighs only 50 pounds including packaging, and it bolts together in minutes. The unit requires five 2-inch-by-10-inch-by-6-foot planks, which are not included. Because the wood doesn't directly touch the ground, the units hold up through any weather and are a great value for parks, campgrounds and other applications.

Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding Co., Inc.: 800-338-0303

Stop Tennis Court Cracking

Premier Court®, manufactured by Premier Concepts, Inc., is a patented product that eliminates the cracking problems of tennis and basketball courts. It provides a maintenance-free surface and is used in thousands of installations worldwide, including many municipal facilities. A 15-year warranty is available.

Premier Concepts, Inc.: 800-458-4675

Space-Saving Shape-Saver

The BodyWedge21TM , the New Angle in Fitness, is cost-effective, simple, safe, fun, and easily used by seniors, children and everyone in between. Created by Rich Decker, a 15-year Certified Fitness Trainer and former health-club owner, the BodyWedge21TM weighs only nine pounds. This portable and stackable ramp-style foam mat requires zero maintenance. It completely supports the back and shoulders so that users of all ages, body types and fitness levels can get and stay in shape. The durable BodyWedge21TM offers a full-body workout in as little as 21 minutes with an effective 21-exercise routine printed on the mat itself.

BodyWedge21: 631-926-5549

The Right Dose

USFilter Stranco Products introduces the new Strantrol® Set Point Controller that provides accurate and reliable dosing of pool chemicals to control pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Disinfectant overfeed and underfeed can result in chemical waste, guest complaints about chemical odor and skin irritation, and health-code violations. Improper pH control also leads to the premature replacement of mechanical equipment, heaters and filters. The Strantrol system uses USFilter's High Resolution Redox® (HRR) technology to directly measure the rate of oxidation in water regardless of bather load. The pH sensor ensures longer equipment life and prevents corrosion and scaling.

USFilter Stranco Products: 800-809-0971

In the Fold

Hide-A-Bench, Inc. provides a space-saving, patented foldaway aluminum bench, which offers innovative seating options to a variety of industries in the public and private sector. Hide-A-Bench® is a two-tier folding bench that permanently attaches to most flat surfaces. It extends less than six inches from the wall in the fold-up position and requires less than 38 inches of floor space when fully extended. It can be set up quickly and easily by one person and creates seating for up to 28 adults per 21-foot unit. Units are available from nine to 21 feet in three-foot intervals with custom sizes available.

Hide-A-Bench, Inc.: 888-342-3624

Building Kids' Imaginations

The new Action Vehicles from Playworld Systems®, Inc. provide hours of imaginative fun for youngsters. Cartoon-like accents add personality to the innovative Max MixerTM . A crawl tube entrance into the Max MixerTM provides kids with a fun way into the vehicle, in addition to the side entrances. Steering wheels and springing levers promote social interaction. They're available as either a spring-mount or as an in-ground mount.

Playworld Systems: 800-233-8404

Out of This World Fun

Commercial Recreation Specialists offers the new Saturn from Aviva. While planetary activity is happening millions of miles away on Mars, you can provide your guests intergalactic, aquatic fun right at your own facility. Climb, bounce, slide or spin on the Saturn. It's great for use in lakes, pools and other water areas. This innovative new product is one of the first of its kind and sure to have an impressive effect on all your waterfront fun.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442