Wristband Bounty

MedTech Wristbands is one of the world's largest manufacturers of wristbands. Each year, millions of people all over the world use these wristbands for special events, fairs, festivals, waterparks, concerts, raceways, family fun centers, parks and hospitals. The wristbands are sequentially numbered and can be used as promotional items, drinking-age verification, special access, admission and re-entry, crowd control, and redeemable coupons. MedTech offers many different styles and product lines such as Supertek, plastic, vinyl, sparkle, wide face, stub and the new Electric and Executive Series bands with more than 19 colors. MedTech delivers fast, with 24-hour service available.

MedTech Wristbands: 800-361-1259

Strobe Lights

Wheelock, Inc. offers a complete line of high-intensity, multi-candela strobe appliances for large applications. The strobes are available in two versions, the field selectable 115/177 ceiling mount and the 135/185 wall mount configuration. The strobes are available on Wheelock's popular Series AS Audible Strobes, Series RSS Strobes, Series E and ET Speaker Strobes, and Series CH Chime Strobes. These units provide the option of selecting candela settings from one appliance and offer savings on labor and installation. For example, if room dimensions change, the specification doesn't have to be changed.

Wheelock Inc.: 800-631-2148

Top Bands

Visa Band® wristbands offer superior selection, value, quality and service. As recreation market leaders since 1972, the Visa Band® experience can work for you. With a wide selection of colorful, non-transferable Tyvek, vinyl and tri-laminate wristbands, you'll find the right wristbands to suit your specific needs. Custom-print your message or logo or choose from fun pre-printed designs. Use for admission, group ID, special access, age ID, swimming ability, sponsorship, fund-raising and more. Save time and money with easy online ordering and specials.

Precision Dynamics Corporation: 800-255-1865

Portable Protection

Signature Fencing offers its CrowdStopper line of 8-foot galvanized-steel crowd-control and security barricades. Each portable barricade stacks compactly and has detachable feet, allowing for even more compact storage and transport. Sections are available in either flat foot or bridge foot models depending on the application. The barricades are expertly crafted and manufactured using heavy-duty 1.5-inch OD 16-gauge steel framing and 1/2-inch OD 16-gauge steel uprights, which are inserted into the frame for greater strength. Each panel measures 8 feet long and 43 inches high and weighs 52 pounds.

Signature (Fencing & Flooring) Systems, LLC: 800-569-2751