Tough Fountain

The Model HWBFA8.VRC is a vandal-resistant, barrier-free, wall-mounted, self-contained, 7.7-gph, electric water cooler. It is effective for high-traffic playgrounds, locker rooms and restrooms. It features a 14-gauge satin-finish stainless-steel cabinet with integral basin. Beyond vandal resistance, it provides superior durability in high chlorine (corrosive) environments, such as public pools. The removable front panel is held with stainless-steel pinned socket screws, and the low-profile bubbler is PCP cast brass and is locked to the receptor.

Haws Corporation: 888-640-4297

Color Your Restroom

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. offers the new SierraTM Series Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) Toilet Partitions for the school market and other heavy-use and abuse, vandal-prone washroom environments. The SCRC panels are fabricated with solid color clear through. ASTM testing confirms ultra-hard GraffitiOffTM Surface provides complete, non-ghosting graffiti removal and superior resistance to scratching, gouging and impact overall when compared to other toilet partition materials. ASTM E 84-01 testing confirmed ICC, NFPA Class B classification for flame spread and smoke development. The series also contributes to LEED Program Certification and helps reduce maintenance costs because of reduced time to remove graffiti.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.: 800-553-1600

Locker Up

The All-Welded Integrated Frame Locker from Lyon Workspace Products features a doorframe that is an integral part of the sides, top and bottom of the locker, meaning maximum strength and security. The single-point, recessed locking device—with no moving parts—features a convenient magnetic catch for positive door closing every time. The 14-gauge steel doors on single-, double- and triple-tier models have an 18-gauge pan-type stiffener welded inside the channel-shaped formation on the hinge side of the door for superior strength. Standard diamond-shaped door perforations provide proper ventilation as well as an attractive appearance.

Lyon Workspace Products: 800-323-0096

No Water Needed

Since 1991, Waterless Co. LLC has offered urinals that work completely without water or flush valves. While seemingly unusual, they have tremendous benefits. The dry surfaces improve hygiene and eliminate odors, and each urinal saves approximately 45,000 gallons of water/sewer per year. High-traffic facilities profit most from savings on maintenance and upkeep, while facility managers appreciate low maintenance and reduced urinal problems. The No-FlushTM urinals install to existing 2-inch waste lines. Payback is typically seen in less than three years. These ADA-compliant and LEED-applicable units are suitable for retrofit and new construction and for commercial, industrial and institutional high-traffic use.

Waterless Co. LLC: 888-NOFLUSH

Aim High and Low

Bradley Corp. bends the rules of design with its patented new FrequencyTM Lavatory System that combines a lower ADA-compliant sink with a higher sink, making it effective for washrooms in upscale retail centers, restaurants, offices, hotel lobbies and fitness centers. Six models provide design flexibility, and a series of stations can be combined to create a wall of waves. The FrequencyTM Lavatory is made of Bradley's Terreon® solid surface material in a choice of 18 custom colors. For more than 80 years, Bradley Corporation has designed and manufactured commercial washfountains and is an industry leader today.

Bradley Corporation: 800-BRADLEY

Drip Control

Pool water damages your locker rooms one swimmer at a time. Wet, dripping swimsuits harm facilities by rusting metal lockers, delaminating wood finishes, and ruining carpets and furniture with mold and mildew. The Suitmate from Extractor Corporation uses an exclusive high-speed spin process to pull out water and make a wet suit drip-free in seconds, without heat.

Extractor Corporation: 800-553-3353

Keyless Locks

Smarte Locke® electronic lockers by Smarte Carte, Inc. are keyless and offer superior security, administrative reporting and customer-service features such as cash or credit-card locker rental and unlimited entry with one payment. For a cashless system, Smarte Locke® lockers can adapt to accept debit cards, bar-code systems and employee/membership cards. Locker access can be by code or by fingerprint. Personalizing the locker rental with a finger scan ensures that only the renter can reopen the locker, eliminating liability issues and guaranteeing a positive guest experience. Smarte Locke® electronics can be retrofitted to any locker cabinet.

Smarte Carte, Inc.: 800-838-0807

Choice of Changers

SSC, Inc. now manufactures the Diaper-Depot® Diaper Changing Stations in three innovative and space-saving designs: oval, horizontal and vertical. All units are ASTM F2285 and ADA compliant when installed to the manufacturer's specifications. The units are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and can support heavy loads. They ship with all necessary hardware and a mounting template to install the unit in just minutes. Choose from four attractive colors—ivory, powder gray, white and speckled gray—to compliment any restroom.

SSC, Inc.: 800-356-7796