Sit and Swim

Kiefer Swim and Therapy Platforms are completely portable and easy to put in and remove from the pool. They are ideal for teaching swimming or for aquatic exercise and therapy. By turning them over, they can be used for either in-water seating or standing for adults and children at variable heights of 18 inches to 26 inches. Use them as a safety station in the pool or an island for children to swim to and from. Made from solid, rigid PVC and PVC pipe, they have all PVC fittings for long-lasting durability in the aquatic environment. Easily assembled, they come in sizes medium or large.

Adolph Kiefer & Associates: 800-323-4071

Accessible Exercise

RMT Fitness offers the VitaGlideTM , an innovative exercise system specifically designed for people in wheelchairs. Using a patented linear, push-pull technology, the VitaGlideTM strengthens muscles surrounding the shoulder, protecting the joint from injuries and reducing associated pain. The "Vee" shape of the VitaGlideTM exercises trunk muscles, helping to improve balance and posture, while shaving inches off the waistline. The unit also features adjustable resistance control to maximize a cardiovascular workout. It comes complete with an adjustable base to allow users to roll into position in their wheelchairs, without having to transfer onto another seat.

RMT Fitness: 800-577-4424

Running in Water

Designed specifically for aquatic therapy and exercise, the user-propelled underwater treadmill from Recreonics features 14 rollers and internal water resistance that respond immediately and proportionally to the force applied by the user. Rubber padding on the bottom of the unit helps to prevent slippage of the treadmill and damage to the pool floor. It is recommended for newcomers to fitness, those recovering from injury and anyone looking to maintain fitness and flexibility. Limited assembly of the hand rail is required.

Recreonics, Inc.: 800-428-3254

Back Traction

Mastercare Back-A-Traction by Swedish Backcare System is an inversion product for rehabilitation and prevention of back, neck, shoulders and knee problems. It is also beneficial for disabled people to increase blood circulation. The moving back rest inverts in 15 degrees, which offers mild and effective traction. Models are available for both professional and home use. The professional models offer treatments in supine as well as prone position and are excellent for massages and adjustments.

Swedish Backcare System, Inc.: 904-797-2225

Big on Buoyancy

Aquatic therapy is acknowledged as one of the most effective forms of rehabilitation because it offers patients an impact-free environment to regain strength, increase flexibility and benefit from water's natural healing powers. AquaJogger offers high-quality aquatic therapy products including five buoyancy belts designed for different body types. Each belt is crafted with soft, yet durable EVA foam that is both comfortable and chlorine-resistant. Belts include an adjustable elastic belt with a side release buckle for a secure fit on any waist size. AquaJogger also offers a line of aquatic accessories including barbells, cuffs and resistance footwear.

Excel Sports/AquaJogger: 800-922-9544

Science in Fitness

SCIFIT is a leader in the rehabilitation and accessible fitness markets. The equipment is created with the individual in mind. SCIFIT's motto is "Scientific Solutions for Fitness," and the company's equipment reflects this commitment. The ProII All Body Exerciser has been a favorite of rehab professionals for more than a decade. Other products such as recumbent bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent steppers and upper-body exercisers are also widely used for rehabilitation. Five of SCIFIT's most popular products are wheelchair-accessible and ADA-compliant.

SCIFIT Systems, Inc.: 800-278-3933

Provide Stability

The new Thera-Band® Extra Soft Stability Trainer is an air-filled balance pad that provides multiple direction displacement and offers the most challenge of the three Thera-Band Stability Trainers. Made of durable PVC, its heavy-gauge side walls resist the tendency to roll the ankle. It also has two anti-skid surfaces, one with rounded points providing tactile stimuli and the opposite side with anti-skid bars that resist slipping. At 17.25 inches by 10.125 inches by 2.5 inches, the Stability Trainer can be used for balance and proprioception training to treat ankle or knee injuries, core strength, ankle range of motion and flexibility, and sensorimotor training.

Hygenic Corp/Thera-Band: 800-321-2135

Table Time

Treatment tables from Bailey Manufacturing are therapeutically designed and tested to offer work surfaces that are durable, rigid and comfortable. The attractive and functional tables are available in several widths and heights in either upholstered or raised rim tops. A variety of styles are available including the featured Model #434 treatment table with Model #40 shelf, a paper holder and cutter, Model #720 step stool, Model #750 P.T. stool and positioning pillows from Bailey. The upholstered top is a luxurious 2 inches thick and can be ordered in one of 26 decorator colors.

Bailey Manufacturing: 800-321-8271