Aqua Aeration

Otterbine offers the new Aqua Series Fractional Aerator, a cost-effective, energy-efficient, multipurpose, 1/4-horsepower or 1/2-horsepower aerator, able to withstand brackish environments, ideal for ponds less than an acre. Each unit comes with two spray patterns, the Aqua Gem and Aqua Blast, as well as a two-year warranty. The float has recessed snap-in light packets for the easy addition of a Fountain GloTM MR16 accessory light-set for only a fraction more. The Aqua Series' primary feature is one of the industry's first air-cooled motors, limiting hydraulic loss that's associated with water- and oil-lubricated motors, producing increased energy efficiency and output.

Otterbine Barebo, Inc.: 800-237-8837

Shelter Catalog

One of the primary focuses of ICON Shelter Systems, Inc. is serving the public recreational community. ICON's new catalog presents the work of experienced owners and employees who previously worked for two of the best-known names in shelters. ICON designers and engineers have more than 50 years of combined experienced in the design and engineering of their product line. Two on-staff professional and structural engineers at the top of their respective fields empower the company to outperform other shelter manufacturers in the production of standard and custom steel shelters, gazebos and pavilions.

ICON Shelter Systems, Inc.: 800-748-0985

No Lifeguard Required

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. recognizes the need for safe splash play areas where children can have fun and adults can just relax and enjoy the sound of giggles. The company's line of Play Towers and Misters make this happen. The water spray is activated by a soft-touch push button and can be set to run up to two minutes with each cycle. It's built from 304 schedule 10 stainless steel and comes standard with a stainless-steel surface carrier. Choose from nine colors to customize your Play Tower. Combine all three Play Towers for a complete splash play area.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331

Dumping Debris

Johnston Madvac Inc. offers the PS300 hydraulic debris dumping system as a new option to the PS300 pedestrian sweeper. This new option eliminates bag handling and increases productivity two-fold. With a flip of the switch at the operator's control panel, the system raises the debris hopper and dumps out the debris into a garbage container or a regular garbage bag. This eliminates manual lifting of the debris out of the debris hopper, decreases the dumping cycle and increases productivity. It features two self-leveling brushes, patented straight-through suction, two-step dust-filtering system and 30-gallon-capacity litter container.

Madvac Inc.: 450-616-8100

Smooth Ride

Broyhill's new TerraSportTM utility vehicle boasts a 1,500-pound total capacity and robotic-welded tubular steel frame construction for superior strength and durability. With a 16-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, continuously variable transmission, power steering and multi-leaf dual-shock suspension, the TerraSportTM provides a smooth ride at speeds up to 20 mph. An optional rear cargo box offers an innovative one-third/two-thirds design, making room for a toolbox, sprayer tank or line-marker paint tank. Steel or wood boxes (with removable 10-inch sides) easily convert to a 48-inch-by-48-inch flatbed. Accessories include Broyhill's dedicated VacMate® vacuum, Refuse Mate® or Fastliner® line-marking system.

Broyhill Company: 800-228-1003, ext. 34

Olympic Pool Cleaners

The Olympics have chosen to use Aqua Products' Gemini to clean the pools this summer in Athens. Aqua Products specializes in robotic pool cleaners that have a "brain" to calculate the most efficient way to clean every square inch of the pool surface in four hours or less. An infrared "eye" watches out to make sure nothing stops its progress as it scoots around the bottom and sides of the pool. The Gemini is Aqua Products' latest commercial cleaner. There are no hoses of any kind to attach, and it only takes a flip of a switch to get it started.

Aqua Products Inc.: 800-221-1750

Shed Some Light

The LVP1650 is an effective LED product for high-quality outdoor applications of any size, fixed or rental. These LED panels are used in major venues around the world including the Seattle Seahawks stadium. They were also incorporated into the performances of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica on their world tours. The display allows for clear, creative graphics, which benefit both sponsors and audiences. Features include 16-millimeter pixel pitch, superior color reproduction, 13-bit technology, M4 uniformity control, brightness of 5,000 to 7,000 nits, and 120/60-degree viewing angles. They display stunning video images and are packaged in sleek, lightweight casings.

Lighthouse Technologies: 888-928-0300

Power Raking

Harley, a leader in the power rake business, offers its latest innovation in skid steer mounted Power Box Rakes®: the MX7 and MX8. Recently, skid steers grew in horsepower and gpms; Harley recognized the need for a 7-foot Power Box Rake®. The MX-series increased frame strength and added dual hydraulic cylinders for more positive and stronger angling ability, accommodating the more powerful wheel and trac skid steer loaders. All current skid steer loaders can easily handle powering a 7-foot rake with a 79-inch raking width at full angle. The Harley MX8, Super 8, is the toughest Harley ever created.

Glenmac, Inc.: 800-437-9779