Make it Last

Skate Parks inc. (SPi) is a leading supplier of precast concrete skate parks for inline skaters and skate boarders in North America. As the number of skaters continues to grow, more cities and towns turn to SPi for skate park solutions. SPi's "Forever Lasting Skate Park" products are made from high-performance concrete, resulting in durable, quiet and low-maintenance skate parks.

Skate Parks, Inc.: 781-544-2020

Custom Rides

TrueRide has been shaping skate parks for more than a decade with a persistent list of satisfied clients. TrueRide continues to set a high standard for municipal skate parks with its innovative designs, superior craftsmanship, minimum maintenance and unparalleled service. At TrueRide, each skate park is custom-designed to accommodate your needs and the needs of your riders. TrueRide designs parks for skateboarding, BMX, inline skating and a combinations of all three. The bottom line with TrueRide is you get all that you want.

TrueRide Inc.: 888-878-3743

Concrete Ideas

Skate Concept products are skate parks and plazas, designed by skaters for skaters, constructed using concrete skate park components and manufactured by Barkman Concrete, a concrete manufacturer with 55 years of experience. Choose from hundreds of concrete options including objects like quarter pipes, pyramids, banks and a variety of grind units and bowls. All components come with a built-in anti-graffiti coating. All Skate Concept products are manufactured in Barkman's state-of-the-art facilities to minimum compressive strengths of 6,000 pounds per square inch. Barkman offers superior quality and excellent durability for maintenance-free, quiet and safe skate parks and skate-friendly plazas.

Barkman Concrete LTD.: 800-342-2879

Lock and Roll

Skateboards are used as a convenient, compact and economical mode of transportation and in many cases have replaced bicycles. The issue created from this trend is where to store these skateboards. Unfortunately, many destinations—including schools, public places and retail areas—have decided to ban skateboards rather than seek a solution. The Boardloch® brand skateboard security rack offers an effective solution. The unit functions like a bike rack but is designed to secure skateboards. By using common padlocks, each rack secures up to six skateboards.

Boardloch: 951-235-1063

Ramps Right for You

GameTime's premier line of modular skate ramp products, Spohn Modular Skate Parks by GameTime, features heavy-duty construction and surfacing, effective for heavy-use parks and competitions. Because not every skate park requires equipment that competitive skaters need, GameTime also offers Spohn Recreation Grade skate park products, built with the same dedication to quality at a lower price. By reducing the full enclosures around the product base and creating a more light-duty rail system, cost is reduced. The Recreation Grade features the same all-steel structure, coping, transition plate and grind strips, post-fab galvanized coating, heavy-duty adjustable mounting plates and SkateLite surfacing.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Ramp up or Down

Hosting a skating event has never been easier than now, with SunRamp's new half pipe. Communities, youth groups, camps and military installations can have a half pipe in their skate park and take it with them for special events. The newest SunRamp is easy to assemble, with four or five adults able to complete the process in less than an hour. Rider safety is ensured by the screwless wood construction. Maintenance departments also appreciate the failsafe nut and bolt fasteners. When the youth want a half pipe and you want versatility, look to SunRamp.

SunRamp Solutions, Inc.: 877-978-6726

Service and a Skate Park

MountainRamp is a full-service company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of skate parks and related equipment. At MountainRamp, quality and safety are the top priorities. With expertise in the field, a unique blend of experience and the ability to research and develop innovative designs, materials and products, MountainRamp can guide city administrators, parks officials and community leaders through the process of adding a skate park to their recreational facilities. A professional team helps properly install the skate park by assisting with concept, design, planning and overall layout of the facility. MountainRamp is with you from start to finish.

MountainRamp, Inc.: 877-544-9684

Improved Ride

Woodward® Ramps and Rails from Huna Designs® have always encouraged skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX bikers of all ages to take their skills to the next level. You've responded, and now it's time we took it up a notch. Working with the experts at the world-renowned Woodward Camp, we adjusted the geometry for an even better and safer ride. A new transition plate and removal of the interior grind strip provides a smoother and quieter ride, while improved hardware and steel substructure provide easier installation and increased durability. The new skate park components provide even greater design flexibility. Call for a free catalog.

Huna Designs®: 800-430-7407