Spray a Song

New from Waterplay®, the Kokospilli flute player delights children who dare to run through its legs, as it sprays water on them from all sides and on top from its magical flute. Waterplay® is a leader in the rapidly expanding splash play industry. The company's innovative approach has led them to create fun water toys that are an industry benchmark. Kokospilli is just one of many new toys to choose from at Waterplay®.

Waterplay®: 800-590-5552

Roughing It

Eliminate the cost and hassle of replacing broken basketball backboards, bent rims and leaning poles with the Legend Jr.TM System from First Team, Inc. Even the roughest play in unsupervised parks and playgrounds will not take its toll on this system. The massive five-inch tubular steel pole system has a 52-inch extension for safe play and carries a lifetime warranty.

First Team, Inc.: 800-649-3688

Permanent Lines

You won't need to paint or chalk your athletic field lines anymore. Save money, time, maintenance hassles and frustration over crooked lines with PermaLine, a patented permanent marking system for natural grass athletic fields. It is easily installed and can be mowed as usual by ground crews. A five-year warranty covers premature wear, and the system has an expected life span of 10 to 15 years. With payback periods for baseball foul lines that average less than one year, the PermaLine system could make you chuck your chalk and turf the paint.

PermaLine Sports Inc.: 866-546-3787

Riding Mower

Contractors, municipalities and homeowners alike agree the Walker Riding Mower is one of the most compact zero-turn-radius mowers available. The tractor's size and maneuverability are designed to fit and do the work of mid-sized walk-behind mowers with the increased productivity of a rider. Seven tractor models are offered ranging from 13 horsepower to 26 horsepower with gas or diesel engines, and 11 mower deck sizes range from 36 inches to 74 inches. They offer grass collection, side discharge or mulching capability. All decks tilt up to 90 degrees for easy maintenance and compact storage.

Walker Manufacturing Company: 800-279-8537

Floor Cover Video

CoverSports USA offers at no charge its GymGuardTM floor cover system video. The video, accompanying brochure and swatch book detail the wide assortment of gym floor cover fabric colors, weights, storage options and winding features. CoverSports USA's vast GymGuardTM inventory ensures that most orders are shipped within two weeks.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Planters With a Purpose

Planters can make any setting more aesthetically pleasing. Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality concrete products since 1948. The product line includes litter receptacles, cigarette urns and banks, benches, planters, bollards, and table sets. Custom products are also available. Finishes include exposed aggregate and sandblast finish. Special aggregates such as granite and colors are available. Among its 95 sizes of planters, Doty & Sons offers the new WP style planters, available in 24-inch, 30-inch and 36-inch diameter sizes.

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc.: 800-233-3907

Pool Enclosures

ATRIA Pool Enclosures provide safety for people and animals that may enter your pool area when it's unprotected. Locking the entry door ensures protection from intrusion and provides additional safety for the facility when the pool is not in use. ATRIA provides some of the most advanced commercial aquatic enclosures available. Color-coated aluminum frames and rafters minimize maintenance, while electric openings, light-transmitting roof panels and sliding glass doors allow for natural ventilation. The enclosures help increase participation in swimming and club activities at health and fitness centers, YMCAs, schools, waterparks, and other recreation facilities.

CCSI International Inc.: 800-537-8231

Clear the Water

Nasty waterTM Algae problemsTM Insects as dense as you'd find in the AmazonTM Otterbine's Aqua Series fractional aerator can help. Used for water-quality management or aesthetics, the Aqua Series is effective for ponds less than an acre in size. Available in 115V, 1/4 horsepower or 1/2 horsepower, it comes with two interchangeable patterns and can operate in as little as 13 inches of water. The Aqua Series reduces or eliminates algae, odors and stagnant water, improving water for decorative, utilitarian and recreational ponds. The wave action produced by the Aqua Series assists in deterring insects and insect breeding.

Otterbine Barebo, Inc.: 800-237-8837