Water Meters

Blue-White manufactures chlorinators and flow meters for pools, spas, water attractions and waterparks. Product lines include the Flexile® A-100N peristaltic chlorinators with output rates to 95.1 gpd, easy-to-change pump tube assembly, and two-inch motor stack for more starting and running torque, more power and cooler operating temperatures. The Digi-Flo® battery-powered digital read-out electronic meters includes a rate meter, a totalizer meter and a rate/totalizer meter. These meters surpass accuracy requirements, offer sizes for use on up to 12-inch pipe and are factory-programmed. Blue-White also offers the F-300 Series, an industry standard for flowmeters.

Blue-White Industries: 714-893-8529

Benches of Steel

Bench 136 is one of the many highlights in DuMor, Inc.'s line of superior-quality commercial site amenities. Made of heavy-duty, 10-gauge steel, this attractive bench is available in several durable finishes and features a perforated metal seat and sturdy 3-1/2-inch O.D. supports for embedment, surface mount or subfloor installation. DuMor also offers receptacles, tables, planters, ash urns, bike racks, grills, and custom design and fabrication options.

DuMor, Inc.: 800-598-4018

Sandcleaning Technology

Keeping sand areas clean is important for golf, sports, games, beach and other sandy environments. The Nolte BC 1000 Sandcleaner is an easy-to-use, multipurpose motor-driven unit that removes all types of pollutants in small and medium-sized sand areas like golf course bunkers, horse tracks, playgrounds and beaches. Refuse is collected in a rubbish bag fitted on the side. The Nolte BC 1500 is designed for operation with agricultural towing vehicles without hydraulics. Collected waste and rubbish are automatically transported to a collecting bin.

Pifer Inc.: 888-442-8442

Best of Both Floors

Combining the features of both floating and fixed systems, Connor Sports Flooring offers RezillChannel, a fixed resilient system that provides the stabilizing benefits of anchored subfloors and the resiliency of floating systems. Even in gymnasiums that are not climate-controlled, where there's concern about the stability of a floating floor, you can still have a superior gym floor with this innovative system.

Connor Sports Flooring: 800-283-9522

Precast Structures

Easi-Set® Industries, an innovator and industry leader in transportable precast concrete buildings, offers the same durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in its line of restroom buildings, showers and concession stands. The buildings are transportable, vandal- and impact-resistant, weather-tight, and maintenance-free. Installation is easy, and only site excavation is necessary. Buildings are locally manufactured throughout North America and delivered directly to your site. A finished interior adds to easy upkeep and longevity. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Easi-Set® Industries: 800-547-4045

Good Gazebos

Vixen Hill gazebos and bandstands are artistically balanced and skillfully constructed of the finest materials available. The pre-engineered aspects of the products eliminate guesswork and provide easy installation at any point of development. Regardless of your contractor, you are sure to get lasting product integrity.

Vixen Hill Cedar Products: 800-423-2766

Take a Seat

The Gerber Manufacturing table has a welded heavy-duty painted steel frame with lumber. Assembly is required, and all hardware is furnished. The table top is 4 feet square with an overall width of 79 inches. Most colors are available in either solid or alternating. Frame colors are green or brown. Hot-dipped galvanized frames are available. Gerber specializes in park benches, picnic tables, grills and poolside furnishings.

Gerber Manufacturing Ltd.: 800-393-9923

Mulch Made Easy

If you're searching for landscaping and playground options that save time and money without sacrificing beauty, Rubberific Mulch can fit your needs. The original rubber mulch, Rubberific lets you mulch your home or business and forget about it for 10 years while saving thousands of dollars in the process. The long-lasting mulch is made from 100-percent-recycled rubber, resists fading and compaction, and has a superior playground safety rating.

Rubberific Mulch: 866-936-8524