Restroom Resource

Restroom Facilities Limited specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of public restrooms nationwide. With more than 15 years of experience, Restroom Facilities has become one of the nation's leading restroom resources. Your structures from Restroom Facilities are built in the company's 61,000-square-foot plant, shipped by truck and installed in just two to three days by an experienced crew. The process is completed on time, on budget and with minimum site disruption.

Restroom Facilities, Ltd.: 775-327-6060

Grill Away

The stainless-steel Porta-Grill® offers state-of-the-art design and technology and is one of the only grills of its kind to be both UL design certified to ANSI Z83.11-2002 Standard for Gas Food Service Equipment and certified by NSF to ANSI/NSF Standard 2, 4 and 7. Weighing only 176 pounds, it folds up in minutes and stacks four high for easy storage and transport. It measures 67-5/8 inches long, 32-5/8 inches wide and 36 inches high, with a 24-inch-by-60-inch cooking area. Made with 304 stainless-steel grill construction, it has stainless-steel radiant guards (no lava rocks are needed).

Belson Outdoors, Inc.: 800-323-5664

Cut Your Cleaning Time

If you're a coach who spends countless hours cleaning and mopping your own gym floor instead of using that time to do what you were hired to do, then Courtclean can help. Don't clean your gym without it. It's fast, safe and affordable. Hundreds of universities, colleges, high schools and other schools use and enjoy Courtclean in their gyms. Simply dampen and attach the supplied one-piece cleaning towel to the Courtclean and, in about five minutes, one person can easily and effortlessly wet-mop the entire gymnasium floor, and play can start immediately. It works great on wrestling mats as well.

TKH Design, Inc.: 800-900-2481

Pool Catalog

2004 marks Lincoln's 50th Anniversary serving the commercial swimming pool market place. Lincoln's new 152-page catalog contains the most comprehensive selection of high-quality swimming pool equipment and aquatic supplies available. The catalog is organized in an easy-to-use format that will help you locate the products you need.

Lincoln Equipment, Inc.: 800-223-5450

Playground Safari

We searched the darkest jungles and open grasslands of the world to find exciting Wild Things to create a true safari adventure for your playground. Children love climbing Gerard's long neck, sliding down Rajah's trunk and capturing Tigerrific, the endangered white tiger. See them all, including RCI's big cat crawl tube. Rudy Roo and Zambi the action packed Rhino. Graphics are permanently engraved into super strength Tri-mold Poly Panels that never need painting.

Recreation Creations, Inc.: 800-766-9458

Sports Lighting

Complete sports lighting systems include the PRO-SeriesTM , International and Gold Series. All are factory-wired, pre-aimed and pre-assembled for easy field installation. Patented MDSTM (Maintenance Diagnostic System) reduces lifetime maintenance costs and allows safety checks from the ground. Remote ballast is standard, along with the best 10-year warranty in the business. ReQUESTTM is Qualite's wireless, programmable remote system, offering control of all your recreational facility lighting with simple touch-tone commands from a phone or PC.

Qualite® Sports Lighting, Inc.: 800-933-9741

Prefab Restrooms

BMS prefabricated restrooms are built to serve heavy-traffic areas with minimum maintenance. Choose a traditional waterborne hookup or a patented BMS waterless system—the WRS Vault Evaporator or DEVAPTM 2000. Combine your own architectural styling with one of our factory-built structures for a custom designed, budget friendly public restroom that doesn't look prefabricated. In use in ski resorts, parks, wilderness trails and busy highways. Also available: park entry stations, concession and utility buildings.

Biological Mediation Systems, Inc.: 800-524-1097

Playground Games

Dynamo Playgrounds has been pioneering unique playground games for more than 15 years and is revolutionizing the playground industry with its roping games. From the rotating climbers to the swings to our extensive line of playnets, Dynamo has something to bring kids of all ages running to their local park or playground. Combining the fun of climbing with the thrill of motion, these dynamic games incorporate elements of movement, balance, exercise and teamwork while exceeding the requirements of today's heightened safety concerns.

Dynamo Playgrounds: 800-790-0034